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BIL Gold Package

Open up your world to endless possibilities

Introducing the BIL Gold Package

Our Golden package offers you a generous selection of premium features, to help you plan for all your adventures.

Monthly Fee

18-29 years1

30 years +

Compare packages
Compare packages

Packed with benefits for every experience

Free BIL Visa Gold Card 2/3

Giving you access to an exclusive range of travel insurance products that help keep you protected, letting you take to the skies with confidence.

Discover more
Preferential rates on overdrafts and loans2

Whether you’re saving up for a well-deserved holiday or treating your self to some designer clothing – enjoy premium discounts on credit openings and rates:

  • Free authorised overdraft file opening, with -25bps discount on loan rates
  • Get 50% off personal loan file openings, with special rates for Gold customers
Free and unlimited Instant Transfers

Send and receive money safely and securely, wherever you need, in and around Luxembourg and other banks within the SEPA zone offering this functionality.

Free and unlimited Electronic Euro Transfers

Send and receive money across the Eurozone and manage all your payments in our BILnet app.

Plus all these great everyday banking features:

Monthly electronic statements

Helping you keep track of your monthly spend

Free and unlimited Current and Savings accounts

Helping you manage your money and save for the future

24/7 BILnet access

Enjoy secure access to your account anytime via your desktop, mobile or tablet

Free and unlimited ATM withdrawals on the BIL network4

Giving you easy access to your funds

LuxTrust Mobile

Allowing you to access BILnet securely and easily without the need for a Token

1 Free withdrawal outside of the BIL network per month4

For added ease and convenience

And a selection of additional cards

For maximum flexibility
BIL Visa Classic2/5

(Available on request)

  1. Offer reserved for those aged 18-29.
  2. Subject to approval of the application.
  3. The BIL Visa Gold insurance and assistance policy takes precedence.
  4. ATM withdrawals subject to limitations as outlined in BIL’s General Terms & Conditions.
  5. The Visa Classic card is included with the BIL Gold package. Once your account is activated, order the card free of charge through BILnet.