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Mortgage savings

Plan ahead for your real estate projects in Luxembourg or Germany Would you like to save for the purchase of a property in Luxembourg or Germany, for renovations or for home improvements? Are you prepared to save over the long term?


Advantages of the plan

  • No risk to your capital or the interest
  • Choice of amount of monthly contributions
  • Savings that offer returns and are easily accessible
  • Possibility, at the end of the plan, to take out a mortgage at an attractive fixed rate to finance your real estate project in Luxembourg or Germany. This rate is defined when you sign the plan.

Tax benefits

  • Very attractive tax regime in Luxembourg for this type of product
  • Up to EUR 672 per year and per person belonging to the household for tax purposes is tax-deductible
  • The credit interest on a mortgage savings plan, credited each year, is not subject to the 10% withholding tax in Luxembourg

How to apply?

Visit the BIL branch of your choice to open your Wüstenrot mortgage savings plan. For any changes to your contract (e.g. a change in the amount of your savings), contact your BIL relationship manager.

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