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BIL Pension, for a retirement that suits you

With BIL Pension Protect and BIL Pension Vision, build up your savings by choosing the package that suits you and your future plans best, and take advantage of attractive tax deductions.

Would you like to make the most of your retirement? Act now to build up personal savings on top of your statutory pension, with a range of pension insurance products suited to your current and future needs.

Retirement savings

Build up your capital to secure the future of you and your family

Tax benefits

Prepare for your retirement while reducing your tax


Focus on capital protection or performance

Combine tax benefits

Attractive tax regime in Luxembourg for this type of product

Benefit from significant tax deductions throughout the term of the policy (minimum term: ten years) by deducting all or part of the amount of premiums paid from your tax base.
If you are married, your spouse can obtain the same benefits by taking out a second plan.
When the policy expires, there are three savings repayment options open to you:

  • Lump sum payment of all or part of your capital
  • Monthly annuities
  • Combination of both payment types

New in 2017: Whatever your age, deduct a maximum annual amount of EUR 3,200 per taxpayer from your tax base.

The lump sum is taxable in Luxembourg at half the average rate. 50% of the annuity is tax exempt. The other half is taxable as income according to the standard tax rate.

Your BIL relationship manager is at your service to discuss these tax measures in more detail. To simulate other possible deductions, visit

Tax information varies depending on individual circumstances and is subject to change at any time.

Our products

As an insurance broker, BIL offers you a full range of products in association with its insurance partners Foyer and AXA. Find the BIL Pension product best suited to your situation.

BIL Pension Protect

With this supplementary pension solution, take advantage of a guaranteed minimum interest rate on your payments (independent of financial market fluctuations), as well as any share of profits, depending on the insurance company's results.

You know the minimum amount of money that you will be paid when you reach retirement age. Start your new life with peace of mind and no surprises.

BIL Pension Vision

Invest your savings in the BIL Patrimonial1 diversified investment fund that best suits your profile depending on your risk appetite, while staying within the legal limits for equity investments2. This non-guaranteed repayment solution based on financial market performance is flexible and dynamic. It allows you to take advantage of potentially strong returns and try to build up a substantial sum for retirement.

With guidance from our experts, you remain flexible with regard to the amount invested and, to a certain extent, the fund chosen.

1 Investment fund with no capital guarantee, subject to market fluctuations, suitable for your investor profile and in compliance with the legal investment limits. Details of the fund can be obtained from branches. Please note that funds may lose value, particularly as a result of the following risks: equity risk, interest rate risk, exchange risk and risks associated with the use of derivatives.
2 In accordance with applicable legislation, equity investment limits will be observed at all times by the selected investment fund, and will depend on the policyholder's age at the start of each tax year. See details of limits in the product factsheet and in article 3, point a) of the Grand-Ducal Regulation of 25 July 2002 implementing article 111a, paragraph 1 of the income tax act of 4 December 1967, as amended.



  • Choose the amount and frequency of your premium payments
  • Choose the policy expiry date: you can draw on your savings from the age of 60 up to the age of 75, subject to a minimum policy term of 10 years.
  • Choose how your capital is paid out


  • With our BIL Pension Vision range, entrust the management of your future pension to our fund managers and, together with your BIL relationship manager, define your investment strategy according to your risk profile.
  • With our BIL Pension Protect range, opt for a risk-free policy with a capital guarantee.
  • You are free to designate your beneficiary(ies) in the event of death.

How to apply?

Visit the BIL branch of your choice to open your Wüstenrot mortgage savings plan. For any changes to your contract (e.g. a change in the amount of your savings), contact your BIL relationship manager.

Make an appointment