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All about BIL accounts

BIL Home BIL City BIL World BIL Direct
Standard monthly charges EUR 2.5 EUR 6.5 EUR 10 free4
Charges for 25-29 years old EUR 1 EUR 4 EUR 6.5 free4
Charges for 18-24 years old free free EUR 5 free4
Opening and account management
Online Banking « BILnet »
SMS Banking
Semi-annual statement issuance
Electronic account statements
Paper account statements - Quarterly Monthly -
Debit cards Servicard V PAY 3 Servicard V PAY 3 Servicard V PAY 3 Servicard V PAY
Personalizable cards
Withdrawals outside BIL automatic teller machines 1 free / month 2 free / month 4 free / month 1 free / month
Credit cards 2 - Visa Classic3 Visa Classic3 + Gold 3 -
Token LuxTrust
Payment solutions
Standing orders 2
Direct debits 2
Electronic transfers 1
Paper transfers 2 4 free per month 6 free per month 10 free per month 2 free per month
Credit solutions
Current account overdraft3 - Up to EUR 1.250 Up to EUR 5.000 -
Current account overdraft rates - reduced rate of 0.50% reduced rate of 0.50% -
Personal loan application fees Standard rates Standard rates -50% Standard rates
Personal interest rates Standard rates Standard rates Rate reduced by 0.25% Standard rates

1 applies only to European transfers
2 subject to application approval
3 with a maximum of 2 cards per account
4 you must have at least EUR 1,000 paid into your current account each month for the account to remain free. Failure to comply will result in account charges of EUR 5 per month.

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