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Billy Club (0-11 years old)

Benefits offered by the Billy account

With a Billy account, building up savings for your child couldn’t be easier!

You can open a Billy account on your child’s behalf from birth and until their 12th birthday. The Billy account allows your child to boost their savings from a very young age.

Receive up to EUR 150 for your new baby!

An exclusive offer to celebrate the birth of your child: We’re offering EUR 50 to invest in each of our savings products: (terms and conditions available in our branches).

  • No management fees
  • Attractive returns: preferential interest rate
  • Easy to use: it’s really easy for you, your friends and family to make regular or one-off payments to the Billy account.
  • Secure savings: the funds and the interest is frozen in your child’s best interests until they reach majority.
  • An account that grows with them: on your child’s 12th birthday, their Billy account will become a B-Young Savings account that they will be able to pay their own savings into.
  • Getting to grips with finance: the Billy account offers your child a way of learning about money and savings.

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Discover our other savings solutions for children !

In addition to the Billy Account, BIL offers three straightforward, attractive savings solutions. They will enable you to build up a capital reserve for your child while enjoying certain tax benefits.

Special offer: EUR 50 for a BIL Kids Future or Flexicav savings plan opened on the birth of your child (until the child's 2nd birthday).

  • BIL Kids Future

    BIL Kids Future is a life insurance plan that combines security, flexibility, tax benefits and returns.

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  • Flexicav investment fund savings scheme

    Flexicav is an investment fund savings scheme (BIL SICAV) using the financial markets to boost your savings.

    • You do not incur any charges or entry fees for SICAVs.
    • Your funds remain accessible at all times.
    • You can save for your child at your own pace and at your desired level of risk.
    • Your relationship manager can offer you advice tailored to you.
    • You credit Flexicav by standing order from your current account or savings account
    • Your payments buy investment fund shares deposited in a securities account.
    • The number of shares you buy in each transaction depends on how much your payments are going to be and on the net asset value of the shares..
    • All you have to do is call in at a branch to open a Flexicav savings plan

How to apply ?

Get in touch with your relationship manager to consider all the solutions designed with your child in mind.

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