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Student Loan,
Let's talk about your plans !

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Take advantage of a government
student loan thanks to BIL

After entering into an agreement with the Luxembourg government, BIL can offer you access to a student loan:

New: no need to go to a branch, apply for and sign your 1st student loan agreement 100% online!

Hassle-free repayments that can start two years after you complete your studies and extend over a maximum ten- year period

A state-subsidised special maximum rate of 2%

Exclusive BIL offer: EUR 150 gift when you take out your first student loan

Calculate your financial assistance


Provisions against overlapping benefits

The amounts of any grants, student loans, child benefits and housing aid that you receive in your country of residence per semester are fully deducted from the financial aid granted by the Luxembourg state for higher education.

*Parents, parent and spouse, student and spouse / partner

The simulation is for information purposes only. The amount allocated is calculated by the government based on the supporting documents to be sent with the form.

Thanks to BIL, you can access the additional benefit of a 0% advance of EUR 3,000!

This advance allows you to cover your initial expenses, bridging the gap in the event of a delay in obtaining your government student loan. You will repay this advance three months after your student loan is paid, with no charges incurred.

How to obtain a government student loan


Check that you meet the eligibility criteria for this loan and complete your application online on the « Centre for Documentation and Information on Higher Education » website.


Then visit the BIL branch of your choice with the acceptance letter from student loan.

Do you need an additional loan?
Choose BIL College

The BIL College loan meets your additional financing needs so you can complete your university studies. It allows you to take advantage of significant benefits:

A loan of up to EUR 12,500

A preferential interest rate

Hassle-free repayments that can start two years after you complete your studies at the latest and extend over a maximum five-year period

How to apply ?


Go to the BIL branch of your choice with a certificate of enrolment at a higher education institution.


Contact your Relationship Manager via the secure messaging in your BILnet online banking space and take advantage of a student loan application without having to go to a branch.