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At BIL, we believe in your potential and we want to support you throughout your education; With a student loan, you can concentrate on your studies with complete peace of mind, not having to worry about financial constraints.

Benefits of the loan


of the loan


Preferential State-subsidised rate

As a bank approved by the Luxembourg government, we can offer you a loan of up to EUR 3,250 at a preferential rate (maximum 2%).


100% online

No need to visit your local branch! Request and sign your loan application directly from your BILnet app.*


Flexible repayment

Enjoy hassle-free repayments that can start two years after you complete your studies and extend over a maximum ten-year period.


Get EUR 150 free when you first take out your loan

We know that as students, every cent counts. That's why we're delighted to offer you a welcome bonus of EUR 150 when you take out our student loan for the first time!

How it works?


it works?


Submit your application

Use our online simulation tool to get a personalised estimate of your loan. You can adjust the amount borrowed and the term of the loan to find the solution that best suits your budget.


Receive notification of your loan agreement

Once your application has been reviewed and approved by Financial Aid Services, you will receive an official agreement with a QR Code.


Submit your request via BILnet

To submit your loan request, simply scan the QR Code using your BILnet app.*


Receipt of the funds:

Once your request has been accepted, the funds will quickly be available in your bank account.

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Taking out an AideFi student loan

You can now take out a student loan online using your BILnet app. No need to visit your local branch!
All you need to do is follow the steps below:


Open your BILnet app and press “Access my accounts”


Go to the “More” section at the bottom of the screen


Scroll down to the “BIL products and services” category and press “Student loan”


Follow the steps and then press “Scan”


Scan the QR code from the letter you received from the MESR


Choose the account you wish to assign to your loan and check that all the information is correct, then press “Confirm”


Finalise the request by pressing “Confirm”

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Do you need an additional loan?

Choose the BIL College loan

The BIL College loan meets your additional financing needs so you can complete your university studies. It allows you to take advantage of significant benefits:


A loan of up to EUR 12,500


A preferential interest rate


Hassle-free repayments

That can start two years after you complete your studies at the latest and extend over a maximum five-year period.