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Banks and FinTech

Will it be for your daily banking needs, for asset services, markets or financing solutions, you can rely on our expertise as a trusted partner and a stable high-grade rated bank.
As "Bank for Banks active in the European Union", BIL provides the financial services you need. Our experts will introduce you to this wide range of products and services with competitive pricing and excellence in execution.

Our offer

Daily Banking


Asset Servicing

Market Solutions

Corporate Finance

Institutional accounts and related services


MultiLine: is a multi-bank online tool for businesses. You have direct access to all your professional accounts held at Luxembourg banks.

BILnet: gives you access to all your BIL bank accounts and enables you to carry out all your banking transactions.

SWIFT services

EBICS: Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS) multi-bank transmission protocol is a highly secure digital solution that allows you to exchange bank data files online.

Business bank cards

BIL offers two types of cards designed for business use, the BIL Visa Business and BIL Visa Business Gold credit cards, from its range of bank cards. More details

Staff loyalty products

Target 2 indirect participation

Indirect SEPA participation

SWIFT Bureau

Escrow Accounts

Term loans*

Revolving credit facilities*

Overdraft facilities*

Leasing solutions**

Discover BIL Lease


* Rating ≥ BBB- (for banks)

** no rating required

Global custody through securities accounts

(funds, bonds, equities and precious metals)

Related services

(tax relief, tax reclaim, voting, corporate actions, repo reconciliation…)

Precious metals physical custody

Liquidity management

(term deposit/callable accounts/MM funds…)


(fixed income, equity, funds, forex and precious metals)


Agency services

(issuing, listing and paying agency services incl. for SPACs)

EMIR Reporting

Structured Products

Structured Finance & syndication

Debt & capital advisory


Discover BIL Corporate Finance

Our Experts at your Service

Striving for excellence within our services and products we are geared to establish mutual beneficial and value-adding partnerships with alter ego financial institutions that pursue same values as we do. As a specialist in banking and in the institutional world, we understand your needs and can diligently work towards common goals.