Savings accounts

Do you want to build-up capital or do you have funds to invest for a short term? Find the saving solution that best meets your needs.

The benefits of savings accounts

  • Accessible savings and the ability to make deposits or withdrawals 24/7
  • Guaranteed remuneration regardless of financial market trends
  • Option to pay in by standing order from your BIL current account or accounts open with other banks
  • The BILnet client area makes monitoring and managing your accounts easy
  • No management fees

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Call account

An accessible and easy way to save

  • Subscription in euro
  • Three sources of remuneration: basic rate for savings interest + growth premium + loyalty premium. *
  • Value date of D+15 for deposits and D-15 for withdrawals (calendar days)
  • Interest and premiums are paid annually on 31 December

* The base rate is aligned with the financial markets. The growth premium is calculated based on the net increase in deposits over the year (i.e. the difference between your deposits and your withdrawals). The loyalty premium is calculated based on the lowest credit balance recorded during the past year.

Savings Plus account

Savings that combine accessibility and returns

  • Subscription in euro or in 12 other currencies**
  • Higher return than a No Notice Savings account
  • Value date of D+2 for deposits and D-2 for withdrawals (business days)
  • Interest paid annually on 31 December

** The Savings Plus account can be opened in euro (EUR) or in one of the following currencies: Danish krone (DKK), Norwegian krone (NOK), Swedish krona (SEK), Czech koruna (CZK), US dollar (USD), Australian dollar (AUD), Canadian dollar (CAD), New Zealand dollar (NZD), Hungarian forint (HUF), Swiss franc (CHF), sterling (GBP) or Polish zloty (PLN).

Simulate your savings

How to open a savings account?

Not yet a BIL client?

Make an appointment at the BIL branch of your choice or become a client online. You will then be able to manage your savings account from your BILnet client area.

Open an account

Already a BIL client?

  1. Log on to your BILnet client area.
  2. Create a No Notice Savings account or a Savings Plus account.
  3. Transfer the desired amount from another BIL account or from an account open with another bank.

You can also open a savings account (minimum: EUR 100) and carry out all related transactions in-branch.

Manage your savings accounts easily

Your BILnet client area allows you to manage your savings accounts easily from your computer, tablet or smartphone:

  • Monitor the balance of your savings accounts and banking transactions.
  • Pay into your savings accounts or make withdrawals at any time.

Your savings account balances and the transactions performed over the month will also be shown on your monthly account statement. You only need to visit a branch when you wish to close your savings account.

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