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You have a music subscription, why not one for your savings?
No entry or custody fees.

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You have a sport subscription, why not one for your savings?
From €25/month, with no commitment.

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You have a streaming subscription, why not one for your savings?
Programmed investments to take better advantage of the markets.

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Are you looking to build a nest egg for your children’s future, achieve a specific goal or supplement your pension?

Choose Flexicav, an innovative investment fund (BIL Invest) savings scheme that gives you access to financial markets.

Investing in a fund exposes you to a risk of capital loss.


  • From EUR 25/month minimum
  • Enjoy peace of mind with automatic payments
  • You can open several different Flexicavs to suit your goals and profiles


  • Capital can be accessed at any time.
  • You can decrease, increase, suspend or cancel your payments whenever you like
  • Freedom to choose your payment frequency


  • No entry fees
  • No custody fees
  • EUR 50 free when your child is born

How Flexicav works

1.You determine your investor profile with your Relationship Manager (defensive, low, moderate, high).

2.You choose the subfund(s) of the BIL Invest fund that best match your profile.

3.You choose how much you want to invest, and how often.
And that’s it! We’ll take care of the rest.

Why invest at regular intervals rather than all at once?

  • All financial markets have highs and lows, and the perfect time to buy or sell is never certain.
  • With Flexicav, your investments are spread out over time, giving you a better average purchase price with less risk (investing in a fund exposes you to a risk of capital loss).

With Flexicav, you don’t have to be an expert. Your investments are managed by professionals.

Flexicav works for them. What about you?


I was hesitant about shares and the stock market at first, but when I saw the interest rate for savings accounts I knew I needed a better option. I chose the BIL Invest Patrimonial Defensive fund, so the risk is low. I put EUR 50 into my Flexicav every month.


I’ve had a Flexicav account for 5 years now, and after taking parental leave I wanted to freeze my EUR 150 monthly payment to have a bit of breathing room. The procedure was very simple, and at the end of the parental leave I started paying in again. Super practical!


I started working in Luxembourg a year ago. I’d like to buy an apartment in a few years, but given the housing prices I really need to put some money aside. I’m counting on this savings plan to help me make a down payment.


You always hear a lot about the stock market and finance, but honestly I don’t know a lot on the subject. With Flexicav, I don’t need to worry about anything! I put in EUR 100 every month and I know it will be invested in funds selected by experts.


Once you know how much business school tuition and student accommodation costs, it makes you look at better ways of saving for your children’s future. As for me, I wanted something other than a traditional savings account. And I found Flexicav!

Do you want a Flexicav savings plan or need more information?