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Supporting clients in a complex environment clients in a complex environment<p>Over the past 12 months, central banks around the world are raising interest rates to curb the highest levels of inflation seen in decades, and tightening financial conditions. This environment, not seen in years, brings new challenges which BIL is closely monitoring. As a systemic bank, it is following a prudent approach. Risks are identified and managed consistently. BIL has strong financial fundamentals, as shown by the recent ECB Stress Test exercise. Its CET1 ratio stands at 13.63% and it LCR at 154.4%. With robust levels of capital and liquidity, BIL is a reliable partner for all its clients. </p> <p>Marcel Leyers, CEO of BIL commented: <br>“<i>In the complex environment we are currently navigating, the mission of our teams is first and foremost to support our clients and to ensure them of our undivided support. The combination of this relentless work, our resources and our capabilities continued to drive growth in 2023.</i>”</p> <p>During the first half of the year, BIL strengthened its services aimed at entrepreneurs and individual clients with an entrepreneurial mindset. It focused on supporting its clients on its key commercial markets from its hubs in Luxembourg, Switzerland and China. The Group has also made significant progress on its sustainable development action plan, building up skills and awareness on ESG requirements and expanding its ESG investment and financing offering.</p> <p><b>A sound financial performance</b></p> <p>BIL’s net income after tax reached 103 million euros in June 2023 compared with 68 million euros in June 2022. This increase is driven by solid revenues from commercial activities and efficient cost control. To be noted, an increase of the cost of risk, due to prudent provisioning in line with the interest rate increase and inflation.</p> <p>BIL focused on proactively helping clients navigate the current environment of rising interest rates. Client deposits decreased by 6.8% to 19.6 billion euros as they moved their deposits to more remunerative products and also proceeded to the early repayment of their variable rate loans. Client loans slightly decreased to 16.4 billion euros down from 16.5 billion euros at the end of 2022. This decrease is linked to the continued general slowdown in mortgage loan production in Luxembourg, impacted by the rapid rise in interest rates decided by the ECB and delays in new construction projects caused by the current downturn in the real estate sector, the rising cost of raw materials, supply chain disruption and early reimbursement as clients are using their excess of liquidity to deleverage their investment profile. Assets Under Management increased to 44.1 billion euros compared with 43.5 billion euros at year end 2022 due to a positive market effect. </p> The <a href="/Documents/brochures/semi-annual-report-2023-en.pdf" target="_blank">full 2023 semi-annual report</a> is available on</p>9/4/2023 10:00:00 AM
BIL Launches Google Pay Support for Visa Card Users in Luxembourg Launches Google Pay Support for Visa Card Users in Luxembourg<p>Cardholders will be able to store their BIL Visa credit card within Google Wallet and make payments anywhere contactless payments are accepted using Android and WearOS devices.</p> <p>Using Google Pay also makes payments safer with multiple layers of security, adding to the protections already provided by BIL Visa cards. This includes industry-standard tokenization, which means when you use your card stored in Google Wallet to pay, transactions are made using a virtual card number (a token). This token is device-specific and associated with a dynamic security code that changes with each transaction, providing an extra layer of protection from fraud. Also, if a client’s phone is ever lost or stolen, they can simply use the “Find my device” function to instantly lock the device from anywhere, secure it with a new password, or even wipe it clean of all personal information.</p> <p>« <i>We constantly strive to improve our services and adapt to our clients lifestyle. Now with Google Pay, we are proud to offer them the largest number of mobile and online payment solutions in Luxembourg. </i>» commented Didier Richter, Head of Daily Banking and Payments at Banque Internationale à Luxembourg.</p> <p>BIL works tirelessly to offer the best daily banking services to its clients. The Bank launched its new banking offers in 2022, with the focus on simplicity, more services, and competitive fees. Now with Google Pay, in addition to Apple Pay, Payconiq, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay, BIL offers the broadest selection of mobile payments solutions to its clients.</p> <p>To start using your BIL Visa card with Google Pay, download Google Wallet from the Google Play Store and visit <a href="/static/BILnet/Google-Pay/index-en.html"></a> for step by step information.</p>5/10/2023 10:00:00 AM
A year of resilience in an uncertain environment year of resilience in an uncertain environment<p><b>Key financial figures</b></p> <ul class="list-check"> <li>Assets under Management : EUR 43.5 billion</li> <li>Customer deposits: EUR 21 billion, +1.7%</li> <li>Customer loans: EUR 16.5 billion, +0.8%</li> <li>Total balance sheet: EUR 32.4 billion</li> <li>Total revenues: EUR 645 million, +2%</li> <li>Expenses: EUR 460 million, +4%</li> <li>Net income: EUR 153 million, +13%</li> <li>CET1 ratio: 14.03% after profit allocation<sup>1</sup></li> <li>Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) : 153%</li> </ul> <p><b>Staying the course in turbulent times</b></p> <p>After two years marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and the recessionary shock it caused, the strong economic rebound and the return of inflation in 2021, 2022, marked by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, proved to be no less challenging. This radical change of macroeconomic environment significantly impacted Europe given its exposition to the conflict. However, Luxembourg’s economy proved once again its resilience. Notwithstanding signs of slowing down of the construction sector, and of demand for mortgages, private consumption maintained a good level, supported by additional measures introduced by the Government’s “Solidaritéitspak”. In this challenging context, BIL ensured its clients, entrepreneurs, corporate and individual, of its undivided support to bring their projects to life and to offer them innovative financial solutions. To support the economy, BIL joined the Luxembourg Government’s loan guarantee scheme intended for Luxembourgish companies experiencing difficulties due the substantial rise in commodity and energy prices caused by the conflict in Ukraine. The Bank also stayed on course on the roll out of its transformative five-year strategic plan, Energise Create Together 2025. In 2022, BIL focused on supporting its clients on its key commercial markets, expanding its sustainable product and service offering, and accelerating its bank-wide project, the implementation of its brand new core banking system. </p> <p><b>Resilient commercial activities leading to a strong performance</b></p> <p>Despite turbulent times, commercial performance remained resilient during 2022. At 43.5 billion euros, Assets under Management marked a slight decrease compared to 2021. The Bank limited the impact of the negative market effect, attributed to the sharp decline on equity markets, by increasing net new assets under management. Customer deposits increased by 1.7% to 21 billion euros, in the context of a favourable interest rate environment and heightened uncertainty compelling clients to be more cautious. Customer loans increased by 0.8% to 16.5 billion euros. This limited growth is linked to a general slowdown in mortgage loan production in Luxembourg, due to the rise in interest rates, delays in new construction projects caused by the rising cost of raw materials and supply chain stress as a result of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. </p> <p>This commercial performance translated into total revenues of 645 million euros, up by 2% in 2022 and up by 8% excluding non-recurring items. The Bank’s commercial activities limited to core operating revenues stood at 589 million euros, compared with 548 million euros at year-end 2021. Commercial activities continued to recover from the impact of COVID-19 supported by the favourable impact of the interest rate environment during the second half of the year. Thanks to the Bank’s business model which facilitates cross-fertilisation, all activities contributed positively to this performance. Expenses amounted to 460 million euros, up by 4%, compared with 2021. BIL continued to invest in talents and technology to be fit for the future. Recruitment and higher labour costs contributed to increase overall staff expenses. In addition, general expenses were impacted by higher energy costs and renewed business travel. To be noted that the Bank actively managed its loan portfolio, significantly improving the quality of its assets which allowed it to reduce the cost of risk, from 38 million euros in 2021 to 19 million euros in 2022. The Bank reported a net income after tax of 153 million euros, up by 13%. </p> <p><b>Starting 2023 with determination</b></p> <p>Uncertainties surrounding the global economy will remain high. The effects of the Russia-Ukraine conflict will still be prevalent. The recent difficulties of a small number of financial institutions in the USA and in Switzerland have caused instability on financial markets. As reaffirmed by the European financial supervisors, the European banking sector is resilient, with robust levels of capital and liquidity. BIL’s financial position is robust: its Common Equity Tier 1 ratio stands at 14.03% after 2022 profit allocation and its Liquidity Coverage Ratio at 153%. The Bank has no credit exposure with Credit Suisse and Silicon Valley Bank. </p> <p>Notwithstanding these uncertainties, BIL will keep its focus on the sound management of its activities, governed by its proven risk management framework. It will remain by the side of its clients and continue to be the bank of reference for entrepreneurs and private clients with an entrepreneurial mindset. For this, BIL will stay on course of its strategy and focus on finalising its bank-wide project, its new core banking system, while ensuring its ambitious commercial targets are met. It will pursue its journey towards more sustainability, constantly improving its business governance and processes, its direct and indirect environmental impact, and the social well being of its employees to allow them to fully develop their potential. </p> <p>Marcel Leyers, CEO of BIL, commented: « These are strong results in a context of shocks and transformation. They confirm the relevance of our strategic choices and of our comprehensive and loyal response to the needs of all our clients, be they individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses. This performance was made possible thanks to the dedication of our teams. We have now started 2023 with determination, a year of transition in many respects.” </p> <p>The 2022 Financial report will be published on 27 April 2023 following the shareholders’ Annual General Meeting. </p> <p><sup>1</sup> Subject to shareholders’ approval at the Annual General Meeting on 27 April 2023</p>3/30/2023 10:00:00 PM



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