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Your first job

When you land your first job, there are many projects to attend to: a place to live, a car, travel, miscellaneous purchases, etc.

How to start off on the right foot ?

When you land your first job, there are many projects to attend to: a place to live, a car, travel, miscellaneous purchases, etc. To bring these about while avoiding unpleasant surprises or unnecessary spending, these plans must be thought out and handled properly.

  • Managing your finances

    While your first job means new income, it also comes with new expenses tied to your changing needs. You will thus need to find ways to manage your spending. BIL offers a wide range of products to best meet your needs.

    Your accounts

    To adapt to your new situation, we strongly recommend you choose a current account that is suited to your status as a young professional. In order to start off in your new life, BIL offers you free products and services in its B-active package

    B-active Package

    Tracking your accounts

    Are you mobile and connected? So is BIL. Carry out your banking transactions online with your online banking service BILnet and track your spending with SMS banking. Access to BILnet and BILnet Mobile is free and secure with a LuxTrust Token.

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    Bank cards

    BIL offers you several types of debit and credit cards.

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    ATM cash deposit

    With the Servibank+ network, you can make cash deposits at any time on these next generation machines. This service is available 24/7, and your deposits are booked in real time. This will make life easier!

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  • Achieving your goals and preparing for your future

    You have landed your first job and want to spread your wings. BIL will help you achieve your goals with an offering of suitable products and services.

    Youth Savings account

    If you want to build up capital or you have funds to invest for the short term, a youth savings account is for you.

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    Car loan

    You need to buy a new or second-hand car and want to finance it with a car loan. BIL has you covered.

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    Wüstenrot mortgage savings

    The Wüstenrot mortgage savings plan lets you save towards a property purchase while enjoying an attractive tax allowance. When you take out your mortgage loan, you benefit from an advantageous fixed rate, determined at the time you join the savings plan.

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    Life insurance

    Our life insurance lets you access BIL fund returns to prepare for your future, while keeping your family safe. You benefit from an extra guarantee: our death cover guarantees your beneficiary the repayment of 130% at least of premiums paid, less any partial surrender. The term of the policy is set at 10 years. When the policy matures, you receive your savings in the form of a lump sum.

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    Savings Plus

    Grow your savings with a Savings Plus account. It allows you to save with little risk and a better return than a conventional savings account, while keeping your capital within easy reach. Your savings can be conveniently tracked on BILnet.

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    European Youth Card

    BIL offers the youth card to its clients aged 12 to 30. It is valid for a year and gives you many advantages all over Europe.

  • Starting a business

    Whether you plan to start your own company or take over an existing one, you should ask yourself the right questions in order to plan efficiently

    Business Plan

    The creation or takeover of a company must be done in the context of a business plan, which is a strategy and communication tool.

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    Legal form

    Choosing a legal form which is suited to the project is important, since it influences the operation and structure of your project. It also determines your level of responsibility as a business owner.

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  • Check-list

    Here is a list of things to consider when you get your first job:

    Banking issues


    Other financial issues

    Home loans

    • Tenancy agreement
    • Inventory of fixtures
    • Rent deposit


    • Tax classes
    • Tax deduction

    Government incentives

    • Rent deposit
    • Housing benefits

    Expert involvement

    • Financial advisers

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