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BIL launches 100% mobile account openinghttps://www.bil.com/en/bil-group/pressroom/news/Pages/bil-launches-100-percent-mobile-account-opening.aspxBIL launches 100% mobile account opening<p>BIL is the first Luxembourg bank to allow prospective clients to open an account entirely from their smartphone or tablet through the BILnet app. The whole process takes just a few minutes. As new clients can show proof of identity during a secure video chat, everything can be done online! This account offers clients tailored advice, a bank card and the ability to conduct all their banking operations via BILnet.</p> <p>In addition to this new service, BIL has completely redesigned the look of its BILnet app. Innovative, simple and secure, it has all the features of a real bank. Clients can carry out even the most complex banking transactions at the touch of a button. Security is at the forefront of this app, with the option to use your biometric fingerprint or PIN for simple transactions, and LuxTrust authentication for more advanced transactions.</p> <p>The launch of these innovative services reflects one of BIL’s broader goals: to put the client perspective at the heart of its services. To this end, the bank has sought to focus on the effective incorporation of digital technology with a close client-adviser relationship.</p> <p>"<i>With digital technology, we have a fantastic opportunity to develop our services online and in branches. Our goal is to give our clients greater autonomy with quick, easy and secure digital applications, and to provide tailored advice with our relationship managers.</i>” explains Olivier Debehogne, Head of Retail and Digital Banking. “<i>The ability to open an account entirely online is only the first step; we will continue to add new features to our BILnet app in the weeks to come, like budgeting tools.</i>”</p> <p>The bank’s philosophy, centred on digital technology and tailored advice, finds its meaning online and in-branch services. The main role of its relationship managers is to offer clients personalized advice and solutions tailored to their life projects. BIL’s online banking platform is also continually being updated with new features so that clients can enjoy innovative, simple and secure services 24/7.</p> <ul class="list-brochure" data-grid="1"> <li> <a target="_blank" href="/Documents/BILnet/20180419_BIL_BILnet_EN.PDF" class="sub-link"> <span class="sub-visual"> <img src="/PublishingImages/site-groupebil/news/brochure-bilnet-en.jpg" alt=""> </span> <span class="sub-title"> Brochure PDF </span> </a> </li> </ul> 4/19/2018 8:00:00 AM
BIL named Bank of the Year 2017https://www.bil.com/en/bil-group/pressroom/news/Pages/bil-named-bank-of-the-year-2017.aspxBIL named Bank of the Year 2017<p><i>“The Bank of the Year 2016 award recognised the initial success of our BIL2020 strategy. The fact that we have received this accolade from renowned magazine <i>The Banker</i> for the second year running once again demonstrates our ability to innovate and offer products and services tailored to our clients.”</i> commented Hugues Delcourt, CEO of Banque Internationale à Luxembourg.</p> <p>By treating innovation as a strategic priority, BIL upgrades and simplifies its service offering on an ongoing basis. For example, the bank was the first in Luxembourg to integrate the Touch ID feature into its mobile application and to offer 100% mobile and yet secure services thanks to app-to-app technology. The real estate website <a href="https://www.bil.com/myhome/index-en.html" target="_blank">my|HOME</a> is another example of the bank’s focus on improving the client experience. The user-friendly simulation tools offered on the website by BIL help private investors to manage their investment project and to make property decisions best suited to their personal needs.</p> <p>Brian Caplen, editor-in-chief of <i>The Banker</i> said: “This year, the panel of judges highlighted the excellent progress made by Banque Internationale à Luxembourg with regard to its innovative client offerings and digital solutions, as well as the bank’s impressive results.”</p> <p>Each year, <i>The Banker</i>, leading magazine for the world of finance published by the Financial Times, honours the best financial institutions at its Bank of the Year Awards ceremony. Composed of 120 financial sector professionals, the jury bases its decision on the institutions’ performance and primary achievements over the past 12 months.</p>11/30/2017 4:00:00 PM
BIL IMMOindex: real-estate market still buoyanthttps://www.bil.com/en/bil-group/pressroom/news/Pages/bil-immoindex-real-estate-market-still-buoyant.aspxBIL IMMOindex: real-estate market still buoyant<p>In the second quarter of 2017, the BIL IMMO<i>index</i> stood at +1.82, up from +1.80 in the fourth quarter of 2016 and from +1.58 year-on-year. Despite a slight decline in the first quarter of 2017, the index returned to the high levels of late 2016. </p> <p>The movements on the BIL IMMO<i>index</i> show that the domestic residential property market remains particularly dynamic. The factors behind this strong performance are essentially the same as those identified at the end of 2016: a sharp increase in the number of mortgages (+13.8%) and construction activity (+11.3%), as well as a more pronounced discrepancy between the price increases of old (+7.5%) and new real estate (+3.8%).</p> <p>"The BIL IMMO<i>index</i> remains at the high level observed in late 2016, making it necessary to remain vigilant of a slight overheating of the market. Luxembourg's robust economic health is a reassuring factor, with a GDP growth forecast of 3% for 2017. The ECB is cautious about a possible rate hike, so a rebalancing of the market could come from an increase to the housing supply rather than a drop in demand," explains BIL Chief of Corporate and Institutional Banking, Marcel Leyers.</p> <div class="grid-adaptive small clear-div"> <div class="sub-column-40"> <img src="{%BIL_Internet_Root_URL_Luxembourg%}/PublishingImages/site-groupebil/news/immoindex2017-graph.jpg"> </div> <div class="sub-column-60"> <img src="{%BIL_Internet_Root_URL_Luxembourg%}/PublishingImages/site-groupebil/news/immoindex2017-graph2-en.jpg"> </div> </div> <p>Launched in October 2015 and developed by BIL in partnership with PwC Luxembourg, the BIL IMMO<i>index</i> keeps professional, institutional and private investors abreast of residential property market trends in Luxembourg.</p> <p>Updated regularly and published every six months, the index is based on property price trends on the sales market and the rental market, as well as on the underlying factors of supply and demand, like shifting demographics or construction activity in the economy of the country. In total, seven ratios are summarised to produce the BIL IMMO<i>index</i>, an easily readable indicator giving a concise overview of Luxembourg's residential property market over the last 35 years.</p> <p>The complete analysis, region by region, is available on <a href="{%BIL_Internet_Root_URL_Luxembourg%}/immoindex/index-en.html">www.bil.com/immoindex</a>.</p> <p><small><sup>1</sup> The index runs on a scale of -3 to +3 and reads the temperature of the market. At +3, the maximum level, the market is thought to be “overheating”. At the other end of the scale, a negative index means that the market is lacklustre, and a level of -3 indicates a stagnant, “frozen” market.</small></p>11/20/2017 7:00:00 AM



Take advantage of the best rates for our accountshttps://www.bil.com/Documents/brochures/comptes-bil-en.pdfTake advantage of the best rates for our accounts7/23/2019 10:00:00 PM
BIL, making life easierhttps://www.bil.com/Documents/brochures/BIL-Fiche-Daily-Banking-en.pdfBIL, making life easier7/23/2019 10:00:00 PM
BIL bank cards to suit your lifehttps://www.bil.com/Documents/brochures/bil-cartes-en.pdfBIL bank cards to suit your life7/23/2019 10:00:00 PM

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