Alerte phishing phishing<b>Warning – ongoing phishing alerts!</b> <br>Phishing links are appearing on search engines such as Google or e-mail solicitations, trying to redirect you to a fraudulent website. Only use our official address or our official app BILnet which you can find on app stores. <br>Fraudulent emails and SMS messages are also circulating using BIL’s visual identity to steal customer identifiers. <a href="">Find out more about these attempts and how to protect yourself here</a>. <br><br><b>Are you a victim of fraud?</b> Call our hotline on <a href="tel:+35245907070">+352 4590 7070</a>, open from 8:30am – 6pm Monday-Friday, send us a <a href="">secure message</a> via BILnet, or use this <a href="/en/individuals/questions-and-contact/Pages/contact-us.aspx">contact form</a>. 7



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