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Transferable securities

Whatever your reasons for investing, BIL has an impressive selection of products to meet your profile and needs.

Transferable securities

Bonds: considered one of the safest investments

  • A bond is a debt instrument issued by a State, government body or company seeking capital.
  • Characteristics: The minimum investment amount, bond duration and terms of remuneration are predetermined. Two types of bond are available: fixed-rate bonds that offer a coupon (interest) determined when the bond is issued and variable-rate bonds, for which the coupon amount varies in line with the reference interest rates.
  • Risks: These investments are not risk-free: they carry a risk of issuer default both in the case of coupon payment and capital repayment.

Equities: greater risk for better returns

  • A share represents a proportion of a company’s share capital. This capital is remunerated by dividends, resulting from the company’s profits or reserves.
  • Characteristics: Holding shares in a company makes you its owner up to the value of your investment. This status entitles you to dividends.
  • Risks: Your invested capital and dividends are not guaranteed. The share price may be subject to sharp rises or falls depending on the political, economic and/or stock market environment and depending on the company’s level of risk. Should the company experience financial difficulty, you may lose all or a portion of the capital invested. Furthermore, dividends are directly dependent on the company’s performance and on the dividend policy decided at the general meeting of shareholders.
  • Our advice: Equity investments should be for a minimum of six to eight years. You are therefore strongly advised not to use this type of investment using savings that you may need in the short term.

How to invest?

Your BIL relationship manager will steer you towards the most suitable investments for your needs; you can choose between bonds and equities and will be guided in terms of companies, currencies, business sectors and geographical regions, etc.

You may also submit your orders through the BILnet client area on the main European and US stock markets.

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