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What is the new PIN Code for LuxTrust Mobile?

LuxTrust Mobile: the PIN replaces the passcode

LuxTrust has decided to improve users’ experience of the app.
Previously, a passcode had to be chosen when the LuxTrust app was activated. Until now, it could be made up of figures or letters.

From Monday 20 September 2021, the alphanumeric passcode will be replaced by a six-digit PIN:

  • If you have already installed the LuxTrust Mobile app: When you log in to the app, LuxTrust will ask you to choose a new PIN made up of six digits to replace your old alphanumeric passcode.
  • If you have not yet installed the LuxTrust Mobile app: When you install the LuxTrust Mobile app, LuxTrust will ask you to choose a PIN made up of six digits.

If you have any questions, please contact the LuxTrust helpline directly on +352 24 550 550.

NB: This new PIN is required to use the LuxTrust Mobile app whenever fingerprint identification is not used