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Personal car loan

Do you need a loan to help fund your purchases and projects? With terms of up to five years and no nasty surprises, it couldn’t be easier with BIL’s personal loans. You can even apply online.

Personal loan: the right loan for you and your projects!

Whether it's for a car, a new kitchen, home project or holiday... With a BIL personal loan, you benefit from preferential terms to finance your exceptional expenses.

Simulate your personal loan

Carry out a personal loan simulation for an estimate of your monthly payments.

The benefits of a BIL personal loan

  • Take advantage of a fixed rate of interest
  • Select a loan term of between one and five years
  • Receive a prompt response to your loan application
  • Protect your personal savings
  • Access your funds quickly
  • Benefit from tax-deductible loan interest

Find out more about personal loans

  • What can you use a personal loan for?

    Personal loans are an alternative to paying for purchases or projects in cash:

    • New or used motorhomes.
    • Small landscaping projects, renovations or home improvements.
    • Movable assets.
    • Other exceptional expenses.
  • Why take out insurance?

    Endowment life insurance is a specific life insurance policy offered when you take out a personal loan. In the event of the borrower’s death, the outstanding balance is repaid in full by the insurer to the lending institution, thus protecting your relatives from this cost. In practice, you pay an insurance premium at the start of your policy and benefit from a tax deduction.

  • What are the tax benefits?

    As a consumer loan, a personal loan allows you to benefit from the tax advantages associated with exceptional expenses, provided that a tax declaration or annual statement is submitted in Luxembourg.

    Loan interest

    You can deduct debit interest of up to EUR 336 per year and per person belonging to the household for tax purposes from your tax base in Luxembourg.

    Insurance premium

    Endowment life insurance of up to EUR 672 per year and per person belonging to the household for tax purposes is deductible from your taxable income, depending on your personal situation.