Your bank, online.

Direct, easy and secure access to your accounts

Manage all of your accounts in a user-friendly, ultra-secure environment. Carry out your transactions remotely and in real time using the device of your choice.

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Advantages and benefits of my online banking service


Thanks to its advanced design, you can enjoy all of your bank’s services on the device of your choice.


Carry out your day-to-day transactions in a highly secure environment.


Access a vast array of features and benefit from ongoing developments.


Customise your notifications and have a direct line of contact with your bank.


Open, view and manage your accounts
  • Open a current account in just a few minutes with the BILnet app
  • Check balances and transactions for all or selected accounts
  • Customise account headings
  • View all your direct debits
  • Open a savings or securities account
Manage your transfers and payments more quickly
  • Make domestic and international credit transfers and create standing orders in just a few clicks
  • Create and manage the list of your beneficiaries and standing orders
  • Make payments with your smartphone using the DigiCash app
  • Withdraw cash without a bank card using the QuickMoney feature
Manage your bank cards
  • Check account balances and recent transactions for all your bank cards
  • Customise the design of your debit card
  • Change your card limits
  • Order a new card directly
Publish and store your electronic documents
  • Download all your banking documents and card statements in PDF format
  • Choose the paperless option
  • Receive debit advice at any time
  • Create your investor profile
  • Request your portfolio valuation
Check your investments and loans
  • Access your shares, bonds, funds and structured products
  • Trade in real time on more than 12 stock exchanges worldwide
  • Make deferred purchases and sales of securities already held in your portfolio (equities, funds, bonds)
  • Receive quotations of your choice in real time with text message and email alerts
  • Simulate your loan application and apply online
Stay in touch with your bank
  • Access your secure messaging facility used for correspondence with BIL
  • Send and receive attachments of your choice directly
  • Contact the technical hotline with any practical questions
  • Receive all BIL services and advice through the BIL call centre


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