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Quick, simple and easy to use, with BILnet you can carry out most of your banking transactions online. Keep your bank within arm’s reach with the BILnet Mobile app!

Take advantage of everything BILnet has to offer

Using your BILnet client area, you can securely manage and monitor your accounts on a daily basis from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • One of the most innovative online banking services in Luxembourg
  • Luxembourg’s first banking transaction site to adapt to your screen (computer, tablet, smartphone)
  • Free BILnet Mobile app (Apple and Android)
  • BILnet technical hotline from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday
  • Preferential rates for stock market orders
  • 12 electronic Eurotransferts included per month (unlimited with BILdirect, BIL Home, City and World accounts)

Apps specifically for smartphones and tablets

The BILnet Mobile app offers a clear and intuitive navigation experience on both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets. There are two access types to choose from: with or without a Token.

  • BILnet. Fully comprehensive access to all of your services

    Access all of BILnet’s features on your tablet or mobile using your Token or your LuxTrust Mobile app: open a new account, add beneficiaries, amend card limits, carry out stock market transactions, etc.

  • QuickBanking™. Ultra-fast access without a Token

    QuickBanking™ offers you instant access to practical and innovative services:

    • QuickView™: quickly check your account and card balances (no PIN required) as well as your latest transactions (using a PIN or Touch ID fingerprint recognition).
    • QuickTransfer™: in the blink of an eye, you can make transfers of any amount between your own accounts or transfer a maximum of EUR 500 to an external account.
    • QuickMoney™: Free cash withdrawals from all BIL ATMs without using your card! (up to EUR 500 per day).

    How to get BILnet Mobile and QuickBanking™?

    • Ensure you have your LuxTrust Token (free with BIL)
    • Download the BILnet Mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play
    • Configure QuickBanking™ easily using the BILnet Mobile app

    Apple Watch: Check your accounts, bank card balances and even find your nearest branch using your watch.Don’t forget to activate QuickBankingTM in BILnet Mobile to be able to use it on your Apple Watch!

  • BIL Digicash: mobile payments from your current account

    By activating the BIL Digicash service, you can transform your mobile device into a real means of payment.

    • Use your mobile for secure payments.
      Shop at many outlets and on the internet, and even pay paper and electronic invoices. With the BIL Digicash mobile app, you can make mobile payments, which will be debited from your BIL current account instantly.
      You do not need a bank card or a specific account! To make a payment, simply scan a QR code that does not contain any sensitive data and confirm the transaction with a confidential PIN.
    • With BIL Digicash TRANSFER, send or request money from your friends and family using their mobile phone number.
      Either select the mobile number of the transfer’s beneficiary from your phonebook or enter it manually. Then enter your PIN, make your transfer and confirm. It’s that simple! If, at the time of the transfer, the beneficiary is yet to activate Digicash, they will be invited to do so within 15 days to receive your transfer.
    • With LOYALTY CARD: register your Auchan loyalty card with BIL Digicash and enjoy a speedier shopping experience. There’s now no need to show the card itself, as your account is automatically updated every time that you pay with Digicash. Service currently available to clients of BIL, BCEE, BGL and POST.

    Activate BIL Digicash in less than two minutes

    • Download the BIL Digicash app for free
    • Configure the Digicash service in the BILnet Mobile app.

Discover all the features of BILnet

  • Accounts

    • Consult your account balances and recent transactions
    • Personalise your account names
    • Create bank account details slips (RIB – IBAN)
    • View your direct debits
    • Open a savings account, securities account or additional current account
  • Transfers and payments

    • Make national and international transfers and create standing orders
    • Set up recurring transfers between your BIL accounts, to beneficiaries previously saved in BILnet, and to new beneficiaries
    • Set up and change your standing orders
    • Managing all your direct debits
    • Make mobile Digicash payments
    • QuickMoney™ cardless withdrawals
  • Bank cards

    • Check credit card balances and transactions
    • Personalise your debit card
    • Change credit and debit card limits
    • Request a new card
  • Electronic documents

    • Access all your banking documents and card statements in PDF format
    • Choose the paper-free option
    • Get debit advice at any time
    • Create an investor profile
    • Portfolio valuation...
  • Investments and loans

    • Shares, bonds, funds, structured products
    • Trade stocks in real time on more than 12 stock exchanges worldwide
    • Make deferred purchases and sales of securities already held in your portfolio (equities, funds, bonds)
    • Live quotations, text message alerts and email
    • Loan simulations and online applications
  • Secure messaging

    • Messaging facility specifically for communication with BIL
    • Possible to send and receive attachments

Take advantage of everything BILnet has to offer

No more wasted paper! If you choose the paper-free option, you will no longer receive your usual bank documents by post, but only through your BILnet client area, which can be accessed using your computer or mobile.

All the documents are archived in BILnet for ten years.

Once printed, your debit advice statements are accepted by the Caisse Nationale de Santé (CNS) and other authorities.

Practical tools are also at hand to help you manage and locate your documents:

  • Create customised folders to organise your files.
  • Locate your documents using a multi-criteria search engine.
  • Group up to one year’s bank statements so that they can be saved in a single document.
  • Download your documents to your computer to save them for longer than ten years.

Activate the paper-free option now in BILnet!

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