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BIL Visa Debit

Instantly, everywhere


Discover BIL Visa Debit, designed to offer you total flexibility, instant management of your money and simplicity in every transaction.

BIL Visa Debit

BIL Visa Debit

The ideal solution for managing your daily expenses simply and efficiently, whether in store or when shopping online.

Monthly fee 2€

BIL VISA Debit Young

BIL VISA Debit Young

If you are under 18, this card is made for you! It gives you the freedom to shop securely while learning to manage your money responsibly.

Monthly fee 0€


Accepted worldwide

You can use your card anywhere in the world wherever you see the Visa logo. You can also use ATMs for worry-free cash withdrawals in Luxembourg and abroad.

Real-time notifications

Track your spending in real time via BILnet, our online banking service.

Contactless payment technology

Make payments quickly and easily using a connected device (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin)*.

* Apple Pay coming soon


BILnet offers access to practical features enabling you to block online payments, limit ATM withdrawals and much more with just one click.

Transform your impact with style: Choose an environmentally friendly bank card, made from

100% recycled PVC

Explore the new features offered by BIL bank cards – your ethical choice for a sustainable future.

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How to obtain your BIL Visa Debit card

Already a client?

Order your debit card directly from the “Cards” section in BILnet

Not yet a client?

Make an appointment or call one of our advisers on (+352) 4590-5000