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Online account

With BILdirect, quickly open an online current account and carry out most of your day-to-day banking transactions with ease and for free using the internet.


A simple, free online offer.

  • Open your online current account quickly.
  • Manage your day-to-day banking operations easily online.
  • Enjoy a V PAY Servicard bank card and MasterCard BIL Webcard.
  • Receive a LuxTrust Token to secure your online transactions.

Order BILdirect


Two bank cards free of charge

With BILdirect, the following bank cards are included even after the first year!

  • V PAY Servicard bank card for withdrawals and payments within the limit of the available account balance
  • Mastercard BIL Webcard has been specially designed for your low- and medium-value online purchases
  • Special offer: receive a 25% discount on your Visa Classic credit card!

Innovative services

  • QuickBanking™ : to quickly check your accounts from your mobile, without using a Token.
  • QuickMoney™ : withdraw cash from our ATMs without using a bank card.
  • BIL Digicash : pay using your mobile by scanning a QR code, pay back a friend or request payment using only a mobile phone number.

No charges on everyday transactions

With BILdirect, some of your everyday transactions are free:

  • Free current account opening
  • No account handling charges
  • Free withdrawals from the BIL network with your V PAY card or using QuickMoney™
  • 1 free V PAY withdrawal in euro per month from other ATMs in the European Union
  • Free cash deposits 24/7 at all of our Servibank ATMs
  • Free online bank statements
  • No transfer fees in the European Union

View all of our fee schedules.

Subscribing to BILdirect

Three steps to open your BILdirect account

  1. Complete and print your online account opening file.
  2. Send your application by post or drop it off at any BIL branch.
  3. After making a transfer of EUR 50, activate BILdirect as soon as you receive your Token and login guide.

Subscribe to BILdirect


To enjoy your BILdirect current account free of charge, you must observe one of these two conditions:

  • Guarantee that EUR 1,000 is credited to the current account every month.
  • Maintain a minimum balance of EUR 2,000 in the account.

Are you a student? No conditions apply.
Get all the term and conditions of this offer in the BILdirect fee schedule.