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Smartwatch payments

Now available with
Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay

Pay with your smartwatch.
Safe. Simple.

Contactless payment solutions allow you to pay retailers for your purchases using your Fitbit or Garmin smartwatch. So whether you’re going for a run or on a night out with friends, you can leave your wallet and phone at home. Leave the house with empty pockets and peace of mind!

It’s easier and just as safe as paying with your normal bank card.

Simpler: link your BIL credit card (or several) to your smartwatch using the Fitbit Pay or Garmin Pay app. Then make purchases wherever contactless payments are accepted (in Luxembourg and abroad).

Faster: to pay, just move your wrist close to the reader. There’s no need to enter your PIN for each transaction, even when you spend over EUR 50. It’s even simpler than paying with your contactless bank card!

Safer: benefit from a more robust security system. You’ll need to enter your watch code every 24 hours and every time you put your watch on. When you take it off, you’ll need to enter the code again to validate the next payment. Plus, your transactions are protected by an ultra-secure process that ensures the confidentiality of your data.

Are smartwatch payments available in Luxembourg?

You can use your Fitbit or Garmin watch to make payments on contactless terminals throughout Luxembourg. For the moment, only Visa and Mastercard credit cards can be added to your watch.

Almost all payment terminals in Luxembourg already have contactless technology. You just need to check whether the contactless symbol  icon sans contact  is shown on your retailer’s payment terminal.

How to set up smartwatch payments

Download the Fitbit or Garmin Connect app to your smartphone.

  1. Open the app on your smartphone
  2. Link your bank account to your smartwatch
  3. Save one or more BIL credit cards to your e-wallet
  4. Choose text message or email verification in the app

Haven’t received a text message with your activation code? Open the BILnet app, choose your credit card, click on the “Manage” tab, select “Fitbit” or “Garmin” then add your mobile number to receive your activation code.

What to do if your watch is lost or stolen?

Don’t panic – none of your card details are physically stored on your watch and nobody will be able to make payments without your consent. You’re asked for a code every time you take your watch off. For greater peace of mind, you can also unlink your cards from your device in the Fitbit or Garmin Connect app.

Do I still have purchase protection?

When you make payments with your smartwatch, the benefits are exactly the same as when you make payments with your normal credit card (purchase protection, fraud prevention, insurance).

To find out more, or if you’re having trouble linking your cards to your watch, visit the “Credit and debit cards” section of our Questions et Contact page.

What can you buy with your smartwatch?

A bottle of water after your morning run

Your shopping at the supermarket

A ticket to see your favourite band

A latte macchiato while you’re waiting for your train

Your next beach holiday

A sandwich on the go

...and a whole lot more!