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Wealth Management

With BIL Wealth Management, benefit from expertise that combines flexibility and reactivity to help you to achieve your goals. We support you in all of your projects through solutions implemented with and for you.

Our Investment Philosophy at BIL

At BIL Wealth Management, our investment philosophy is based on building strategies that aim to navigate through different market conditions, a reflection of our preference to bide our time rather than trying to time the market.

We apply a structured, disciplined approach that prioritises processes over predictions, thereby preventing us veering into traditional investment pitfalls such as succumbing to emotional biases. Fundamentals are our north star, even if we acknowledge the human factor that plays an important role in the crests and troughs of financial markets.

We believe in active investing, operating within a full range of allocation limits. We leverage our in-house expertise across our international locations, on a wide spectrum of investment products and services.

We offer a full range of investment solutions to help you meet your long-term investment objectives in a way that is aligned with your individual restrictions and preferences.

Structuring and transfer of assets

Whether you are an individual client, a family or a business, you expect your bank to understand your needs and respond to them promptly and flexibly.

Supporting you in reaching your goals

Through a complete analysis of your assets, performed in collaboration with your dedicated Wealth Management expert, BIL provides you with solutions that are tailored to your situation and plans, all in compliance with everchanging regulations.

Financing solutions

BIL Wealth Management offers a range of solutions from standard loan deals to structured finance that our special Credit Structuring team can tailor to your needs.