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Main risks: solutions intended for discerning and well-informed investors classified as eligible counterparties or professional clients according to the legal definition set out in the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID); risk of capital loss as well as market, interest rate, credit and liquidity risks. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

The choice as to which asset classes should be held in a portfolio is a quickly evolving one. The situation on the markets now shows that it may make sense to select other asset classes including in particular less liquid alternative investments, allowing for diversification from more traditional investments. As is the case for other less liquid assets, private equity has experienced interesting performance over the last few years, thereby attracting new investors.

Focus your investments on solutions that follow value creation objectives

Private equity enables you to invest in unlisted companies. Your investment will be used to finance companies during the start-up or growth phase as well as to purchase companies. This type of investment enables you to avoid financial market fluctuations and can allow you to have an impact on the real economy by supporting companies from various sectors.

By mobilising investment beyond the short term, private equity has a long-term focus, favouring value creation and maximising the potential return on investment.

This value creation manifests itself in particular through the deployment of strategic plans aiming, for example, to grow the company’s market share whilst reducing its carbon footprint.

These ambitions require time. This is the benefit of unlisted markets; the time needed to create value. This lack of liquidity is made up for by a supplementary premium, known as the liquidity premium.

Take advantage of our market expertise and that of our reputable partners in the field of private equity

In 2018 we developed an accessible range of services dedicated to private equity, benefiting from the network of our Chinese shareholder, an investment company which holds private equity companies very active in China in its portfolio.

Today, we are expanding our services by teaming up with reputable partners in order to seize market opportunities and propose you diversified solutions considered by us to have major potential, which are normally reserved for institutional investors.

Examples of investments in private
equity proposals

open-ended funds

Diversified global
closed-end funds

private funds

  • Our semi-liquid open-ended funds combine the benefits of private markets with those of listed markets by offering different levels of liquidity and early exit

  • Opportunities to invest in European and US private equity, mainly according to buy-out and growth strategies, through co-investment and via primary and secondary funds

  • Opportunities to invest in real estate global with sectoral diversity (offices, residential, industrial, retail). A strategy offering reduced volatility and performance that may be interesting.

  • Access to private investment opportunities through closed-end funds managed by our privileged partner BlackRock

  • Potential for investing in private equity, private debt, real estate and infrastructure starting with a relatively small initial stake compared to other funds of this type

  • Geographically highly diversified offer of global funds, multi-strategies, multiple asset managers on a co-investment basis alongside asset managers that are experts in their respective sectors

  • Access to investment opportunities focusing on highly specific themes , which make it possible to invest in the major issues of tomorrow whilst seeking long-term performance

  • Range of funds focused on impact investment and thematic approaches such as disruptive technologies, the energy transition, sustainable development and the circular economy, as well as personal wellbeing

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