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Main risks: Investing in the financial markets may expose you to the risk of capital loss as well as market, interest rate, credit and liquidity risks. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Investing isn’t easy. It’s a highly personal process. Whether your goal is to grow your assets for a specific purpose, prepare for your retirement or succession, or expand your business, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg will assist you with its expertise in private banking and proven financial investment solutions.

Invest with Banque Internationale à Luxembourg

Financial investment: it’s not a question of timing, but rather of time spent on the market

In order to create wealth, it’s sometimes important to stay invested over the long term. A lot of investors stay on the sidelines, trying to identify the perfect entry point. Acting in this way risks missing out on the most important market gains. By working with a portfolio management specialist that follows a systematic approach based on a process, you can avoid behavioural biases that interfere with performance.

A fully road-tested investment philosophy

Our investment approach is rigorous and our advisory and management processes are structured in order to ensure that each decision is filtered through a committee of experts. Our decisions are based on analysis of global markets carried out by our internal expert teams.

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