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Forme logo BIL BIL SerenioEntrust the management of your portfolio to financial market specialists

Main risks: investing in BIL Serenio solutions may expose you to the risk of capital loss as well as market, interest rate, credit and liquidity risks.

Depending on your investor profile, BIL Serenio, our discretionary management mandate, will assist you in achieving the best possible performance and focusing on what matters most for you. It is an investment plan structured in order to cater to your needs and preferences, under constant supervision and involving frequent communication with our investment professionals.

Characteristics of
BIL Serenio discretionary management

Avoid speculation driven by emotion

Investment decisions filtered according to a regulated asset allocation process, which enables us to avoid common behavioural biases

Being systematically invested

  • Creation of robust portfolios through pre-defined asset allocation

  • Rigorous risk management thanks to portfolio control and monitoring by the bank

Internal expertise

  • Investment ideas generated by our asset class specialists, who assess market dynamics and carry out in-depth analysis of the specific circumstances of companies, industries and sectors

  • Access to direct investments in equities and bonds

  • Access to investment solutions amongst the best in their category, coupling BIL’s internal resources with complementary external expertise

Access to dedicated portfolio managers

  • Alongside a privileged relationship with your personal private banker, regular direct contact with your portfolio manager

  • Regular sharing of detailed regulatory reports concerning the composition of your portfolio and the performance of your investments, broken down according to asset class and position

Capital protection

Our objective: achieve long-term capital growth thanks to the expertise of our internal specialists in different asset classes and our pre-approved asset allocations

Responsible return profile

Striking a balance between risk and reward, adjusting your portfolio’s positions to your goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon

Rigorous processes

  • Rebalancing your portfolio

  • Permanent monitoring of portfolio diversification

  • Ongoing structured analysis of investment markets and tactical adjustments of our investment strategy in line with changes in key financial data

Vast range

  • Solutions available for various risk profiles in order to cater to your needs and preferences

  • Potential for portfolio personalisation in line with your needs and preferences, having regard to your investor profile

  • Various potential investment structures from different countries

Flexible leverage facilities with your discretionary portfolio BIL Serenio

If you would like to benefit from liquidity solutions, BIL can provide you with credit according to a particular loan-to-value (LTV) ratio on your BIL Serenio portfolio, subject to the approval of your request by BIL.

Please note that it costs money to borrow money. Any loan will have to be repaid by you. Assess your ability to make repayments before committing. The leverage effect heightens risk, and some credit solutions are only intended for informed investors with a medium or high risk profile

Discretionary management: a broad range of services that takes account of your views as an investor

The heart of the portfolio

BIL Serenio

BIL SerenioClassic

BIL SerenioPrivilege

BIL SerenioTailor-Made

A global portfolio with tactical allocation1 and active selection2 of securities

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A diversified global portfolio with a high service level and a vast choice of investment products

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Fully personalisable in line with your personal preferences and your investor profile as regards asset allocation and implementation

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1 Tactical allocation: acting as a complement to long-term strategic allocation (choice of the minimum and maximum proportions of asset classes within a portfolio), tactical allocation has a short-term focus and can alter the proportion of asset classes or incorporate additional exposure to specific regions, sectors, etc. within a given asset class
2 Active selection: selection of securities with the aim of achieving a higher return than the market

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Discretionary management



When good is good enough