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Forme logo BIL BIL Advisio Benefit from bespoke advice whilst retaining control over your investment decisions

Main risks: as is the case for any investment, investing in BIL Advisio solutions may expose you to the risk of capital loss as well as market, interest rate, credit and liquidity risks.

With BIL Advisio, you draw the full benefit of your relationship with your private banker. Their recommendations help you to manage your portfolio and to control your risk level. These recommendations concern both the structure of your portfolio and the instruments proposed to you for purchase or sale. You retain sole control over your decisions.

Characteristics of BIL Advisio investment advice

Complete control over your investment decisions

Regular and personalised investment advices

Bespoke investment strategy

Adjustment of the investment strategy in line with your experience, knowledge objectives and risk appetite.

Personalised support

With BIL Advisio Privilege, access to the expertise of a personal investment adviser, alongside your private banker

Proactive, personalised investment ideas

  • Adapted to your preferences

  • Advices based on our experience in investing in equities (Europe, USA and China) and bonds, funds, listed index funds (ETF - exchange traded funds), structured products and unlisted assets (“private” markets)

Monitoring your portfolio

Your portfolio allocation and market performance are systematically monitored

Suitability check before orders are placed

Verification of the agreed risk level for the portfolio before each transaction

Detailed market information

Access to detailed information concerning investment opportunities

Vast range of solutions

Enhanced diversification of your portfolio with the aim of achieving improved performance

Investment advice: a range of services adapted to your investor needs

BIL Advisio

BIL AdvisioClassic

BIL AdvisioPrivilege

BIL AdvisioPro

Range of services focused mainly on BIL solutions and open-architecture products1 the historic returns of which are classified amongst the best on the market (best-in-class products)

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Bespoke solution providing access to tailor-made investment ideas for all assets classes and products available to BIL. Benefit from the assistance of an investment adviser alongside your private banker

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Direct access to the trading room and specific order placement strategies, as well as advice concerning the main capital markets (reserved for professional clients and eligible counterparties according to the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID))

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1 Open-architecture products: third-party financial products proposed in addition to in-house BIL products

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