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We find the best solution for structuring your assets, listening to what you want and talking openly about your expectations, wealth, business, plans, horizon, structuring and investor profile.


A global approach to your assets

Our approach is not restricted to financial management issues. Our experts can assist you in all aspects related directly or indirectly to your assets. Our non-financial services include innovative solutions to structure your assets and optimise your wealth:

  • Asset structuring

    The best choice tailored to your needs

    To meet your asset structuring requirements, relationship managers have access to numerous wealth management and financial planning specialists, as well as a network of experts able to meet the needs of an international portfolio. If necessary, they can enlist the help of specialist partners such as notaries, lawyers and trusts for the structuring and planning of your portfolio (donations, wills, inheritance tax, marriage contracts, etc.) and for setting up companies.

    Based on a full study of your assets (equity and real estate, private and professional, national and international) along with individual analyses, our financial specialists will offer you detailed solutions that take into account each and every aspect of your assets and personal situation. The aim of asset planning is to maximise your wealth throughout your life, helping you to realise your ambitions.

    Our analysis tools integrate your aims in terms of retirement or donations, as well as your charitable projects, whilst also taking into account such parameters as tax and borrowing. We analyse the various resources as well as planned or likely spending, in order to manage the allocation of funds as effectively as possible. Using your chosen parameters, we then carry out a dynamic simulation of your wealth over time and consider various alternatives.

    We take into account:

    • Your assets: liquid assets, goods, investments in transferable assets.
    • Your financial flows: real income and expenses.
    • Your longer-term plans: whether easily foreseeable (e.g. paying for your children's education, buying a second home) or as they emerge in discussions with your relationship manager.
  • Diversification

    Our field of expertise enables us to offer you other options too:

    • Creation of a foundation.
    • Development and tax enhancement of charitable work.
    • Advice on international real estate.
    • Advice on private equity/venture capital and implementation of decisions.
    • Life insurance.
  • Change of residence

    Choose the best place to live

    We are regularly asked about this by clients who are thinking about moving house and want our help.

    Taking account of your situation, our analysts will offer:

    • Professional and personalised support.
    • Support in your wish to relocate by means of an exhaustive analysis of your situation, both in your country of origin and in your destination country.
    • Proposals for organising or reorganising your portfolio before leaving while not only taking account of inheritance issues, but also the organisation of your assets upon arrival.
    • Support with operational aspects.

    Along with your relationship manager, our tax, real estate and asset structuring experts will help you with any decision to move to a different country, in Luxembourg or elsewhere.

    Tax residence in Luxembourg

    Since 2006, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has had a tax structure that is particularly attractive to its residents.

    • No wealth tax on natural persons.
    • Final withholding tax of 10% on interest income.
    • An advantageous scheme for other savings income.
    • Setting real estate losses off against other sources of income.
    • No tax on direct inheritance between spouses and partners under certain conditions, and attractive rates for indirect inheritance.
    • Favourable gift tax rates (1.8 to 14.4%).
    • A maximum VAT rate of 17%.
    • Employee social security contributions of 12.45%.
    • Employer social security contributions of 11.05%.


Access to Very Long Term Warrants

  • Our investment philosophy

    BIL Private Banking offers to manage your portfolio in an entirely transparent process, following an investment strategy that can be summarised as follows:

    • Our investment philosophy: protect your capital.
    • Conviction-based management: focusing on absolute returns.
    • Openness and transparency: explaining what we do, why we do it and how we do it.
    • Open architecture: selection of best-in-class funds.
    • Opportunistic approach: no obsession with benchmarks.
  • Financial instruments

    We work with all types of instrument available on traditional financial markets, including:

    We can also execute trades on:

    • The foreign exchange market.
    • The commodities market.

    We can help you with direct investments in private equity and real estate.

    We champion and have implemented an open architecture principle, never hesitating to suggest high-performance financial products developed by external service providers when we believe that they rank among the best on the market.

    For you, this open architecture guarantees that you always have access to the best product. For us, it is an obligation to always be on the look-out, completely impartially, for the best-performing product most suited to you.

  • Advisory management

    You choose and retain control over your investments

    Advisory management is what you need if you wish to keep control of your investments while listening to recommendations from our experts. We will guide you, providing you with all of the information you need to make decisions and monitor your portfolio. Specifically, this is achieved through:

    • Regular contact with your relationship manager or a financial adviser to review your portfolio.
    • Personalised and proactive investment advice tailored to your situation and investor profile.
    • Buy, hold and sell recommendations with a target price.
    • The availability of our trading room, providing (conditional) access to most stock markets on the best terms.

    You will continue to manage your portfolio yourself but will enjoy much greater responsiveness, receiving specific, detailed information on a regular basis.

    A true partnership

  • Discretionary management

    You choose to delegate the management of your assets

    A team of financial market experts will actively manage your portfolio under a discretionary management mandate. They are supervised by an investment committee, which determines the most efficient investment strategy for the bank. On the basis of this mandate we will act in your best interests, taking into account your investor profile and aims, which we identify together.

    Close contact with your relationship manager and the expertise of our analysts form the cornerstone of your relationship with BIL Private Banking. We can also offer you tailor-made management with a portfolio specific to your individual situation (consideration of complex, international or even entrepreneurial factors), using investment instruments and structures created especially for you. These solutions give you an exclusive portfolio that takes into account:

    • Your preferences in terms of asset type - liquid (bonds ,equities) or less liquid (alternative and real estate funds, private equity/venture capital, commodities, etc.), all in partnership with specialist managers.
    • Your personal constraints.
    • Your investment strategy as previously agreed.
    • Your investment horizon.

    You delegate, we provide the expertise


As a licensed insurance broker in Luxembourg, BIL advises clients living in Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Germany. This status enables BIL to act as a privileged intermediary between insurance companies and the clients that it represents.

As a broker, BIL independently researches and presents the best insurance solutions available on the market to meet clients’ needs.

The products available from BIL Private Banking fully comply with clients’ national legislation and combine:

  • Inheritance planning tools.
  • Asset structuring solutions.
  • Tax treatment that is often advantageous in relation to national statutory provisions.

Thanks to the triangle of security, which is unique in the Luxembourg insurance sector, you will benefit from heightened investor security (a three-party agreement between the company, supervisory authority (CAA) and the custodian bank).


Credit is one of the tools that can be used to manage your portfolio.

Even ignoring the leverage that can be gained on some financial transactions, a loan can always be used to help you seize an opportunity, finance an acquisition without having to sell any assets or a portion of your portfolio, or even plan complex restructuring, venture capital or M&A.

BIL Private Banking offers a range of solutions from standard loan deals to structured finance that our special Credit Structuring team can tailor to your needs.

We offer:

  • Lombard loans.
  • Mortgages to facilitate purchases (residential or commercial property) in France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Scandinavia, UK, etc.
  • ...