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Cash flows

BIL offers a wide range of solutions for optimising and protecting cash flows while cutting down on paperwork

Online banking solutions

Online banking provides a number of benefits!

  • Time savings and responsiveness: by means of a simple Internet connection, you can view relevant information for all your accounts and quickly carry out transactions 24/7.
  • Ease of use: you can manage all your accounts, including international transactions, simply and securely.
  • Fees: you enjoy attractive rates for a number of services.

BIL offers you highly practical solutions:

  • BILnet : you can access your accounts for viewing. You can check account balances and transaction details.
  • BILnet Pro: the BILnet Pro Internet platform enables the processing of transactions that require approval by multiple users based on their authorisation limits. This is the case in particular for transfers that require management authorisation (payroll, payments to providers, etc.).
  • MultiLine: you have direct access to all your professional accounts held at BIL or other Luxembourg banks. This platform makes managing the company's finances easier and enables you to make use of bank files in your accounting applications.
  • EBICS: take advantage of the Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS) multi-bank transmission protocol. This highly secure digital solution allows you to exchange bank data files online.

Please contact your BIL Relationship Manager to find out more about our online banking solutions.

SEPA and SWIFT solutions

BIL offers a wide range of solutions for optimising and protecting cash flows while cutting down on paperwork:

Domestic transfers

SEPA European payment services

  • Cash flow management: Cash inflows, payments and transfers in euro to and from the SEPA zone countries (28 EU member states, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Monaco and Lichtenstein)
  • SEPA European direct debits let you make payments to your usual providers by automatic direct debit within a specified deadline.
  • SEPA Credit Transfers enable you to collect payments from clients in a secure and standardised manner (no difference between national and foreign clients).

International payment services

  • Secure cash payments or transfers, in euro or in other currencies, in almost every country in the world through a large network of international correspondents.

Access to the SWIFT system

BIL is a member of CLS and of all the European and Swiss clearing systems (EBA, SIC, Target2 and Step2). BIL is also a SWIFT Member-Concentrator.

Cash pooling solutions

How can cash management be optimised and simplified within your group in Luxembourg and internationally?

BIL offers you BIL Cash Pooling, an efficient global cash centralisation solution.

The principles are simple:

  • All the contracting companies' cash positions are consolidated in one single account.
  • The debit positions of certain subsidiaries are offset against the other's credit positions.
  • Account pooling (repatriation or clearing) is carried out daily.

This solution offers several benefits:

  • Optimised cash management compared with using lines of credit. Financial fees decrease automatically.
  • Improved cash management of participating companies through centralising operations.
  • Make this system last in the long-term by adapting it to changes in your organisation (additions and withdrawals from the scope of centralised cash management).
  • Enable more reliable administrative tracking of cash flows within the group as a whole.

Your Relationship Manager will introduce you to this offering and customise it according to your requirements.

Invoice factoring solutions

BIL’s invoice factoring solution powered by Edebex uses your outstanding client invoices to get quick financing.

By choosing invoice factoring, you can free up cash quickly. Simply sell your invoices before they are due and receive the amount within a few days.

This solution offers several benefits:

  • Quick access to cash, enabling companies to improve their cash flow.
  • Reduced risk of client non-payment. Allianz ensures the assigned debt claims are successfully recovered.
  • Flexible financing terms.The invoice factoring solution can be adjusted to the needs of each company, whether to finance one-off invoices or to establish a longer-term relationship.

Please contact your BIL Relationship Manager to find out more about our invoice factoring solution.