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Corporate finance

BIL offers you specialised Corporate Finance services with a global reach for your cross-border transactions.

M&A consulting

Covering all Luxembourg business sectors, our specialised M&A team will assist you in your acquisitions, from identifying target companies (search mandates) through to completion of the acquisition (acquisition mandates). Our services also include sales mandates to identify buyers for one of your businesses.

Structured loans and financial advisory

BIL offers various financing solutions for your growth transactions: structured loan services (transactions on behalf of groups, international private equity operations), credit facility solutions, storage and frozen account services, etc. You can also give our specialist team an ad hoc advisory corporate finance mandate to identify specific financing.

Financial market operations

BIL's services include cooperation with EU government bodies and counterparties, origination, syndication, shared custodian and paying agent functions as well as risk hedging and capital protection.

Property transaction services

As a Luxembourg property sector specialist, BIL can assist you in your acquisitions through transaction services for major projects and a variety of financing solutions.