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Use your assets to create a better future. The return on our investments is not just measured in terms of stock market value. BIL Private Banking invites you to take a wider view of your asset management.

Our approach

A personalised service

Regardless of your personal or professional situation, and your interests and plans, your demands will be unique. We will take them on board.

Our role is to mobilise our experts so that we can offer you sound advice and a range of options. We can then find and apply a tailored solution.

  • Getting to know you

    ...and understand you

    For more than 160 years we have been faced with complex wealth management situations around the world. Each situation is different and requires in-depth knowledge of our clients. And as circumstances will inevitably change, a personal relationship manager stays in contact with each and every one of our clients. This support allows us to keep an overview of your assets, as well as their performance and potential bequest.

  • Experts at your service

    Men and women at your side

    Culturally similar and speaking your language, BIL Private Banking relationship managers work hard to understand your past, ambitions and limitations. Figures of trust, they are surrounded by a multi-disciplinary team:

    • Investment advisors.
    • Asset structuring and estate planning experts.
    • Product specialists.
    • Administrative assistants.

    These individuals will help your relationship manager to analyse your situation, identifying and then implementing the best solutions.

  • Bespoke services

    Tailored to any circumstances

    In our private bank, your assets will be managed in line with your investor profile. This strategy will be based on a strong ethic shared by all of our team.

    This effort to provide a tailor-made service, offering a high level of expertise that combines flexibility and reactivity with a response fully adapted to your needs, is visible at each stage of our relationship.

    We offer you products and services suited to circumstances in your country of residence. Regardless of the country, we guarantee a level of support in line with local opportunities and limitations. Wherever you live, this support will be based on the same philosophy and same level of demand.

    Our proposals will take into account a prior analysis of your wealth, your expected return, your investor profile and the availability and/or liquidity of your assets. This review will allow us to draw up an investment strategy and appropriate timetable.

Private clients

BIL’s offering is global in more ways than one

Whether you are an individual, an entrepreneur or represent a family, we are in position to understand all your requirements and provide you with highly flexible integrated financial and non-financial solutions.

We take account of the particular stage at which our clients find themselves:

  • Capital creation: this is generally a period of business activity when you have little time to manage your own financial portfolio.
  • Capital enjoyment: this is a time when professional activity has ceased and you have a different ability to save, possibly even needing to spend capital. The time has come to use your accumulated assets but also to start fulfilling your ambitions, without forgetting to plan for the transfer of your wealth.

Quite simply, we support you


A partner at the service of professionals

Whether you are a professional expert (trust company, law practice, fund administrator, consultant), management company, asset manager or financial adviser, we offer solutions that will help you to manage your existing clients and allow you to optimise your business development.

As a custodian bank, BIL supports independent investment managers in their day-to-day business. It offers them a reliable support system and personalised advice, as well as special access to our financial, tax and legal documentation, advice and research.

Independent financial advisers may also draw on the expertise of our specialists, for example to analyse the risks associated with their clients’ asset structuring, wealth and estate planning, and capital protection.

In this respect, the bank offers:

  • Management, reporting and investment advisory tools.
  • A wide range of financial products (also in open architecture).
  • Unregulated investment vehicles (SOPARFI, securitisation vehicles, etc.).
  • Regulated investment vehicles (SIF and SICAR).
  • An execution platform.
  • A technology platform (to structure asset allocation and to consult and manage portfolios while placing brokerage orders in real time).

As an integral part of a multi-business bank, our team will ensure that our professional intermediaries have a full range of financial services at their disposal, including:

  • Cash management.
  • Online banking service BILnet.
  • Financing.
  • Contractual arrangements (pledge and escrow agreement).
  • Custodian services for banking and financial services.
  • Privileged access to our investment advisers.