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We make it easy to manage your business

BIL offers effective solutions tailored to your company’s needs. Discover our online banking solutions and ask our experts for advice.
  • Online banking to manage accounts remotely and quickly carry out day-to-day banking transactions.
  • Secure and effective payment solutions for professional purchases (bank cards, direct debits, standing orders, national and international transfers).
  • Systems for easy and secure collections (European direct debits, SEPA, electronic collections by bank card, cash deposits).
  • A complete range of bank guarantees.

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Online banking solutions

Online banking provides a number of benefits.

  • Time savings and responsiveness: By means of a simple Internet connection, you can view all the relevant information about your business's accounts and quickly carry out your transactions.
  • Ease of use: You can manage all your banking transactions simply and securely. You can also track stock market prices and place orders online.
  • Fees: You also enjoy attractive rates for a number of services.

In practice, BIL offers you the following:

  • BILnet and BILnet Mobile: the BILnet internet platform allows you to access all your BIL bank accounts and process your banking transactions. BIL's "Mobile banking" offer gives you access to manage your bank. accounts remotely, using your smartphone.
  • MultiLine: Multiline is a multi-bank online tool for businesses. You have direct access to all your professional accounts held at Luxembourg banks.
  • EBICS: take advantage of the Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS) multi-bank transmission protocol. This highly secure digital solution allows you to exchange bank data files online.

With LuxTrust certificates (Smartcard, Token or LuxTrust Mobile), you have the perfect solution for accessing the various applications and for logging in and signing documents or bank transactions electronically (account view, transfers, payment transactions in Luxembourg and abroad, online investments, etc.).

Managing your spending

BIL offers a wide choice of secure payment solutions for professional purchases.

Business bank cards

BIL offers SMEs two types of card designed for business use, the BIL Visa Business and BIL Visa Business Gold credit cards, from its range of bank cards.

These cards offer a number of advantages:

  • Payment at millions of retailers in Luxembourg and worldwide.
  • Cash withdrawals in Luxembourg and abroad.
  • Simplified accounting.
  • 24/7 monitoring of transactions and balances on BILnet for each cardholder. Several cards can even be issued for different cardholders using the same account.
  • Preferential assistance and insurance services for business travel.
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Payments using your BIL account

BIL offers you a full range of payment solutions for easier day-to-day banking:

  • The new SEPA European direct debits for making payments to your usual providers by automatic direct debit within a specified deadline. For a detailed breakdown of how this product works, download our SEPA Direct Debit brochure
  • Standing orders: A standing order instructs BIL to pay, on a specific date and from your current account, the same amount into the same beneficiary's account. This solution is particularly suited to fixed recurring costs such as property rental payments, etc.
  • National transfers and transfers inside the European Union: Transfers in favour of any Luxembourg or European account identified with an IBAN code are made within one day on average in Luxembourg and within three days at the latest outside Luxembourg.
  • International transfers enable you to make payments or transfers in euro or in a foreign currency into a foreign bank account.

BIL provides the BILnet or Multiline online banking platforms for easy execution and viewing of these transactions.

Managing collections

BIL offers you a range of effective solutions for optimising, protecting and centralising collection flows while simplifying the paperwork.

  • SEPA European Direct Debits: SEPA-format European direct debits enable you to collect client payments in a standardised and effective manner (no difference between national and foreign clients, cash flow optimisation).
  • Electronic payments by bank card Visa : this system makes accounting easier with automatic crediting and more convenient payment.

BIL puts you in contact with companies that specialise in payment systems and with electronic terminal suppliers.

  • Cash deposits: BIL provides SMEs with a network of ATMs which enable them to securely deposit cash both day and night. For greater security, you can also delegate cash transportation to a specialist company with which BIL can put you in contact.

Bank guarantees

To guarantee execution of your contractual obligations, you will be able to offer your partners solid bank guarantees.

BIL will commit itself and provide a bank guarantee in a variety of situations:

  • Performance bond it provides your client with a guarantee that the purchase order will be honoured as specified and in accordance with the contract.
  • Guarantee of refund of deposits paid in advance by your clients or to your suppliers.
  • Rent deposit in favour of the landlord of a property of which you are the tenant.
  • Completion bond this provides the buyer of a property under construction with a guarantee that the work will be completed if the developer defaults.
  • Guarantee of release of retention bond.
  • Loan cover guarantee: this guarantees the repayment of a loan taken out with another bank.
  • Etc.