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Corporate investments and savings: put your spare cash to good use!

Is your company growing and turning a profit? Do not neglect funds for which you have no immediate need! View our investment solutions and ask our experts for advice.

Thanks to BIL's wide range of savings and investment products, you can generate a return on your company's cash surpluses.

Before making an investment, you should decide how much, for how long and for what return, depending on the associated level of risk.

Your Relationship Manager will select the products best suited to your needs from BIL's wide range of investment products.

Phone: +352 4590-5000

Instant access investments

Your priority is the accessibility of your savings.

BIL offers straightforward products that are accessible at all times.

  • BIL Cash +: thanks to BIL Cash +, cash can be accessed instantly while earning interest based on a reference rate.
  • Cash SICAVs: according to the amount of cash available and the investment horizon, BIL offers a wide range of cash SICAVs issued by established asset management companies.

To find out more about our range of products, please get in touch with your Relationship Manager.

Guaranteed return investments

Your priority is a predetermined return.

Based on the amount and the investment horizon, BIL offers products that provide a guaranteed return regardless of changes in market rates.

Fixed-term deposit: A term deposit is a savings account in which the funds are frozen (in euro or in other currencies) for a specific term ranging from 1 to 12 months. A term deposit confers entitlement, on maturity, to a guaranteed interest amount which increases based on the duration of the investment.

To find out more about our investment products, please get in touch with your BIL Relationship Manager right away.

Specialised products

Is investment performance your main priority?

  • Stock market and SICAV: according to your risk profile and your investment horizon, you can invest in different products such as bonds, equities, Euro commercial paper, EMTNs, investment funds from BIL or issued by third parties (monetary, bonds, equities, mixed and alternative funds), etc.
  • Structured products: structured products are composite products bringing together various financial products or instruments based on capital protection and risk-taking criteria. These products enable you to diversify your portfolio.
  • Luxembourg life insurance: life insurance is a simple and effective tool for investment, wealth management and estate planning purposes. In Luxembourg, your assets enjoy special tax advantages and enhanced protection owing to the insurer's legal obligation to keep assets at an independent custodian bank.
  • Discretionary mandate: you delegate the management of your assets to BIL experts. These experts use an active, personalised investment management approach based on the desired risk profile, your investment horizon and your portfolio diversification objectives.

To find out more about specialised savings products, please get in touch with your BIL Relationship Manager.

Wealth management

Based on its private banking experience, BIL offers self-employed and professional individuals tailor-made savings and investment solutions.

We identify the best solutions for managing your assets depending on your requirements, future business prospects, your projects and your investment horizon.

Following this analysis, we present you with a proposal suited to your needs covering both financial and non-financial aspects.

To benefit from our wealth management expertise, please get in touch with your BIL Relationship Manager.