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ONE by Steve Gerges will be showcased at BIL’s Galerie Indépendance from 25 October. The Luxembourg-based motion designer and director is the second winner of the Indépendance grant promoting the digital arts. Visitors of the exhibition will be taken on a journey into his digital universe.

Steve Gerges was awarded this year’s Indépendance grant for his project "ONE". Structured around the creation of the universe, social interaction between humans and interaction between humans and machines, Steve Gerges' artwork presents a mixture of video, light and interactivity.

The artist about his work: "ONE takes us on a journey from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, which in turn becomes the starting point, a cycle, a circle, a sphere which is itself the basis of all creation (atoms) and the presumed form of the universe to this day.”

First awarded in 2017, the Indépendance grant aims to promote the creation and showcasing of the digital arts by supporting the production of innovative art forms. It also ensures that these works of art are made accessible to a wide audience through exhibitions in the Galerie Indépendance.

For BIL, this grant is part of its ongoing promotion of art and innovation, which is at the heart of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. As part of this, exhibitions are regularly organised at the Galerie Indépendance to showcase the talent of artists representing the national cultural scene.

Art enthusiasts and players in the world of digital innovation will have the chance to immerse themselves in this virtual universe from 25 October 2019 to 7 February 2020 at BIL’s Galerie Indépendance.

Galerie Indépendance: 69, route d'Esch, Luxembourg.