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BIL’s Cookie Policy

  • Cookie policy

    BIL uses what are called cookies in order to simplify the use of its Internet sites. This policy statement is to inform you on the use of cookies on our Internet sites and on how you can manage them.

  • What are cookies?

    Cookies are small text files making it possible to record information related to the user’s surfing on an Internet site. They make it possible to collect a body of information with the aim of improving the services accessible via our Internet sites.

    With this information, we can in particular go on to analyse the traffic on our Internet sites ( the frequency of visits, the IP addresses, the average duration of visits, which pages have been consulted during a visit, the periods of inactivity, language preferences, etc.)

    All this information, collected when you visit our sites, enables us to know which parts of our pages interest you, so that we can have a better knowledge of your needs and thus meet them better by supplying you with suitable information.

  • How do cookies work?

    The managers of our sites place them in a directory for the purpose on your computer. They contain, in particular, the name of the server which wrote it, an identifier in the form of a unique number, possibly an expiry date. The unique identifier allows our web sites to recognise your computer on each visit.

  • What types of cookies do we use?

    There are different types of cookies:

    Enduring cookies: These cookies are not deleted when you close your browser or your session. They make it possible for your preferences, such as the language, to be remembered on a subsequent visit. They can also be used to provide you with personalised information on the basis of your surfing history and your actions on our site.

    Session cookies: These cookies are present and are used during your session on our e-banking site. They are deleted when you end your session or close your browser. They make it possible to ensure the security of your session and to identify you. We use mainly two cookies (ASPAUTHX and ASPSessionID). They contain no personal information but only technical information enabling your session to be managed

  • How to manage the cookies?

    The procedure to be followed for the parameterisation of cookies depends on the internet browser that you use (via the “Tools” menu in general).

    You can yourself decide if our Internet sites are authorised to use cookies on your computer. You have the choice at any time of determining your browser options in such a way that no cookie is accepted and memorised.

    You also have the possibility of having a warning message shown each time before a cookie is accepted.

    Moreover, a setting in your browser allows you to accept only the cookies of certain Internet sites. Furthermore, you can at any time delete the cookies already stored.

  • Can I refuse the use of cookies?

    You can refuse to allow our Internet sites to use cookies when you visit them. However, we would point out that the use of certain functions on our Internet sites can be limited or deactivated if you refuse the cookies of our Internet sites. Thus, refusing our session cookies will prevent you from logging on to our e-banking sites.

    In order to simplify the use of our Internet sites, we recommend that you set your browser in such a way that the cookies of our internet sites are accepted.

  • Web analysis services

    We use web analysis services so as to collect statistical data on the use of our Internet sites and to obtain indications for the improvement of our offer.

    The web analysis services make use of cookies for the collection of data. The information thus transmitted (e.g. IP address and type of browser) to a web analysis server in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or abroad is stored and processed.

    The cookies used by the web analysis services cannot be refused. However, thanks to a suitable setting of your browser or the activation of the cookies opt-out option of the marketing networks concerned, you can prevent them placing cookies on your computer and collecting data.

    Our e-banking sites do not use third party services for web analysis. You are thus assured that no log-on information concerning you is sent to a third party service provider.

  • On-line marketing network

    Banque Internationale à Luxembourg has its on-line marketing measures (e.g. banners or affiliate programme) carried out by marketing networks with international activities such as, for example, Google AdWords. Such networks use cookies in order to target marketing measures on clients’ identifiable needs. By activating the cookies opt-out option (, you can prevent such on-line marketing networks from placing cookies on your computer and collecting data.