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Woman Business Manager of the Year Business Manager of the Year<div class="section-banner-item-inner" data-serialswipe-fx="zoomin"> <h4 class="section-banner-title">Woman Business Manager of the Year</h4> <p>Awards ceremony 2017</p> <p><a class="section-banner-button" href="">Register</a></p> </div>
Best Bank Bank<div class="section-banner-item-inner" data-serialswipe-fx="zoomin"> <h4 class="section-banner-title">Voted bank of the year in 2016.<br>For you.</h4> </div>
Groupe BIL BIL<div class="section-banner-item-inner" data-serialswipe-fx="zoomin"> <h4 class="section-banner-title">Welcome</h4> <p>BIL has been serving retail and business clients since 1856. A bank of systemic importance, it is a key player in the Luxembourg market.</p> </div>



Banque Internationale à Luxembourg implementiert Sign’IT-Technologie von Fujitsu Internationale à Luxembourg implementiert Sign’IT-Technologie von Fujitsu4/24/2017 6:29:58 AM
BIL supports SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde supports SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde4/6/2017 11:44:58 AM
BIL reports good performance despite challenging environment reports good performance despite challenging environment4/4/2017 7:58:47 AM



Presenting BIL BIL12/20/2016 11:00:00 PM
Semi-Annual Report 2016 Report 20168/18/2016 10:00:00 PM
Annual report 2015 report 20154/28/2016 10:00:00 PM

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