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Pay for petrol with BIL and CarPay-Diem! for petrol with BIL and CarPay-Diem!<p>Forget going to the till to pay for fuel. Offered through the BILnet mobile app, the service Pay@pump developed jointly with the Luxembourgish start-up CarPay-Diem means you can pay for petrol via your smartphone.</p> <p>How does it work? When a driver arrives at a partner petrol station, they select the “Pay for my fuel” service in the BILnet mobile app and choose the pump they want to use on their smartphone screen. They will receive instant confirmation that the pump is ready. Then all they have to do is fill up. Once they’ve finished, the payment is made automatically and the receipt for the transaction appears on their smartphone screen. They can leave the petrol station without a second thought. Soon, clients will also have the possibility of receiving special offers in the shops of CarPay-Diem’s partner petrol stations, directly in the app.</p> <p>“<i>We are looking to enhance our services to simplify our clients’ lives. Our partnership with CarPay-Diem is a prime example of this. Accessible through the BILnet mobile app, this user-friendly and innovative service enables our clients to save time whenever they fill up,</i>” explains Olivier Debehogne, Head of Retail and Private Banking Luxembourg, and Digital.</p> <p>“<i>In this day and age, banks must diversify their services and innovate if they wish to keep meeting their clients’ needs. BIL has understood this reality and positioned itself as a pioneer in this regard in Luxembourg. Adding CarPay-Diem to the BILnet app opens up a new experience to drivers while also adding value for partner petrol stations. It really is a win-win approach,</i>” notes Frédéric Stiernon, CEO of CarPay-Diem.</p> <p>The network of partner petrol stations will gradually be extended over the coming weeks. To find out more, visit <a href=""></a>.</p>11/29/2019 4:00:00 PM
New workspace for start-ups courtesy of BIL and The Office workspace for start-ups courtesy of BIL and The Office<p>Partners since 2017, BIL and The Office share a common aim: to support the development of entrepreneurship in Luxembourg. Two years after the company’s first coworking space opened its doors (The Office-Charlotte in Belair), CEO Gosia Kramer launched The Office-City. This second space is larger and located right next to Luxembourg’s city centre. The latest news from the partners is that BIL now has its own space within The Office-City that can host up to three start-ups for a six-month period, for free.</p> <p>“<i>BIL is deeply committed to supporting start-ups. We work with entrepreneurs every day and many of them have told us how hard it is to find premises. With The Office, we have found a short-term solution to help these companies get off the ground, and we are pleased to have Startalers as one of our first occupants</i>” says Pierre-Olivier Rotheval, Head of Marketing and Innovation at BIL.</p> <p>“<i>The Office shares BIL’s objective to support the development of the start-up ecosystem. We are proud of this partnership and pleased to put part of our infrastructure at BIL’s disposal. More than just a workspace, The Office provides access to our community, our network and our business partners. This unique mix helps start-ups overcome their hibernation phase</i>” explains Gosia Kramer, CEO of The Office.</p> <p>This collaboration with The Office is the latest in a long list of BIL initiatives to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Luxembourg. The bank is already a partner of the country’s main incubators and supports many start-ups. Its BIL Start support service gives entrepreneurs access to the various financing programmes in which the bank participates, including InnovFin. In 2015, it became the first Luxembourg bank to sign an agreement with the European Investment Fund to offer these guaranteed loans to innovative SMEs. BIL is also the only bank that is a stakeholder in the Digital Tech Fund, launched by the Ministry of the Economy in 2016. In addition to these financing solutions, the bank can now offer workspaces at The Office. For more information, visit <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p> <p>As well as providing a flexible working environment, The Office is a real launch pad for companies as they take off and expand. Entrepreneurs can make use of fully furnished offices, meeting rooms and inviting relaxation areas. The layout of the offices and the networking events on offer help users make contacts and build the networks that are so essential for every young entrepreneur.</p>11/22/2019 11:00:00 AM
BIL strengthens its international Wealth Management business with changes to the Executive Committee strengthens its international Wealth Management business with changes to the Executive Committee<p>As Group Head International and CEO of BIL Suisse, Hans-Peter Borgh, aged 46, will be responsible for all wealth management activities of the Swiss hub. It also includes the oversight and the development of the group’s activities in greater China and Dubai.<br> Hans-Peter Borgh, of Dutch nationality, joined BIL in November 2015. He is currently in charge of Wealth Management and International Corporate Development. Prior to joining BIL, he was Chief Commercial Officer for Private Banking Asia and Middle East at ABN AMRO. He started his career at ABN AMRO in 1997 where he held different positions in retail and private banking in Europe, including Switzerland, and also spent two years at ANZ Banking Group as Regional Head Affluent Banking Asia Pacific. He holds a Master in Business Administration from Groningen University.</p> <p>As Head of Wealth Management, Emilie Serrurier-Hoël will oversee all international wealth management activities led from Luxembourg. She will also be responsible for BIL Danmark and lead transversal activities such as wealth planning, wealth lending and business management. She will join the Executive Committee of BIL Group.<br> Emilie Serrurier-Hoël, aged 36, has over ten years of experience at BIL. Prior to taking up her current position as Head of the Wealth Management Europe division of the Bank, she was Head of Strategy, Marketing and Business Intelligence and Head of Process Management and Organisation. A French national, Serrurier-Hoël holds a Master in Management from EM Lyon Business School.</p> <p>Marcel Leyers, CEO of BIL Group commented: “<i>We have an ambitious growth plan for our international wealth management business and it’s important to strengthen both our private banking hubs in Luxembourg and Switzerland to meet our goals. Hans-Peter and Emilie will bring the teams tremendous knowledge, experience and client focus to drive our business to new heights</i>”.</p> 11/8/2019 2:00:00 PM



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