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Best bank 2017 bank 2017<div class="section-banner-item-inner" data-serialswipe-fx="zoomin"> <h4 class="section-banner-title">Once again voted bank of the year<br>For you</h4> <p><a class="section-banner-button" href="/en/bil-group/pressroom/news/Pages/bil-named-bank-of-the-year-2017.aspx?utm_source=BIL-COM&utm_medium=HP_PARTICULIER_EN&utm_campaign=BEST_BANK_2017">Find out more</a></p> </div>
Groupe BIL BIL<div class="section-banner-item-inner" data-serialswipe-fx="zoomin"> <h4 class="section-banner-title">Welcome</h4> <p>BIL has been serving retail and business clients since 1856. A bank of systemic importance, it is a key player in the Luxembourg market.</p> </div>



BIL launches 100% mobile account opening launches 100% mobile account opening<p>BIL is the first Luxembourg bank to allow prospective clients to open an account entirely from their smartphone or tablet through the BILnet app. The whole process takes just a few minutes. As new clients can show proof of identity during a secure video chat, everything can be done online! This account offers clients tailored advice, a bank card and the ability to conduct all their banking operations via BILnet.</p> <p>In addition to this new service, BIL has completely redesigned the look of its BILnet app. Innovative, simple and secure, it has all the features of a real bank. Clients can carry out even the most complex banking transactions at the touch of a button. Security is at the forefront of this app, with the option to use your biometric fingerprint or PIN for simple transactions, and LuxTrust authentication for more advanced transactions.</p> <p>The launch of these innovative services reflects one of BIL’s broader goals: to put the client perspective at the heart of its services. To this end, the bank has sought to focus on the effective incorporation of digital technology with a close client-adviser relationship.</p> <p>"<i>With digital technology, we have a fantastic opportunity to develop our services online and in branches. Our goal is to give our clients greater autonomy with quick, easy and secure digital applications, and to provide tailored advice with our relationship managers.</i>” explains Olivier Debehogne, Head of Retail and Digital Banking. “<i>The ability to open an account entirely online is only the first step; we will continue to add new features to our BILnet app in the weeks to come, like budgeting tools.</i>”</p> <p>The bank’s philosophy, centred on digital technology and tailored advice, finds its meaning online and in-branch services. The main role of its relationship managers is to offer clients personalized advice and solutions tailored to their life projects. BIL’s online banking platform is also continually being updated with new features so that clients can enjoy innovative, simple and secure services 24/7.</p> 4/19/2018 8:00:00 AM
BIL 2017 financial results - A strong performance of all business lines 2017 financial results - A strong performance of all business lines<ul class="list-check"> <li>Net income after tax: EUR 117 million, +5.7% (EUR 110 million in 2016)</li> <li>Core operating profit before tax (excluding capital gains and non recurring items): EUR 135 million, +9.3% (EUR 124 million in 2016)</li> <li>Assets under Management: EUR 39.4 billion, +4.5% (EUR 37.7 billion in 2016)</li> <li>Customer deposits: EUR 16.3 billion, +1.2% (EUR 16.1 billion in 2016)</li> <li>Customer loans: EUR 13.3 billion, +10.8% (EUR 12 billion in 2016)</li> <li>Common Equity Tier 1 Capital Ratio: 12,21%</li> <li>Capital adequacy ratio: 16,48%</li> </ul> <p>BIL performed well across its Retail & Digital Banking, Corporate & Institutional Banking, and Wealth & Investment Management business lines. At EUR 501 million, revenues stemming from its commercial activities increased strongly by +7.9%, in line with BIL2020 strategy expectations. <br>Assets under Management (AuM) increased by 4.5% to EUR 39.4 billion, resulting from new net inflows of EUR 1 billion and a positive market effect of EUR 0.7 billion. Customer deposits were up by 1.2%, reaching a total of EUR 16.3 billion. The stronger growth in AuM compared to deposits is due to conversion initiatives, especially in Wealth Management, aiming at improving investment returns for our clients. <br>Customer loans across all business areas reached EUR 13.3 billion, compared to EUR 12 billion at year-end 2016, once again demonstrating BIL’s support for the Luxembourgish economy and for local entrepreneurs. <br>These good performances led to a growth by +5.7% of the net income after tax, standing at EUR 117 million in 2017, compared with EUR 110 million in 2016. <br>These figures will be submitted to BIL’s annual general meeting of shareholders on 27 April 2018.</p> <p>“<i>We are proud to say that, in 2017, we once again met the financial targets we committed to in our BIL2020 strategy. This robust performance shows that BIL, with the support of its clients and its shareholders and the dedication of its employees, has truly regained its place as a strong and growing universal bank that is firmly rooted in the local economy. We are also delighted that the investments we are making to modernize and to transform our bank into a leader in innovation in Luxembourg are starting to pay off.</i>” commented Hugues Delcourt, CEO.</p> <p>Luc Frieden, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BIL Group, added: “<i>2017 is a further milestone in the continuous growth story of BIL of the past few years, which is the result of the strategy approved by the board as well as by the shareholders of BIL. This strategy aims at keeping BIL as a strong and financially sound Luxembourg financial institution, deeply rooted in and serving Luxembourg, its border regions and some selected foreign markets.</i>”</p> <p>The high quality of BIL’s services was recognised externally by numerous awards such as “Best Bank in Luxembourg 2017” by Global Finance and “Bank of the Year Luxembourg” by The Banker magazine for the second time in a row.</p> <p>In September 2017, Legend Holdings Corp., a Hong Kong-listed diversified investment group, announced the acquisition of Precision Capital’s stake in BIL. This transaction is subject to the approval by the European Central Bank, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier and other relevant regulatory authorities.</p>3/29/2018 9:00:00 AM
New BIL Innovation Award at Pitch Your Startup 2018 BIL Innovation Award at Pitch Your Startup 2018<p>A keen actor in the development of the Luxembourg start-up ecosystem, BIL has decided to take part in this year’s Pitch Your Startup event. Launched by Docler Holding and Luxinnovation in 2014, this event allows start-ups to present their plans to experts and investors, and – more importantly – to win a prize. With the BIL Innovation Award worth EUR 20,000, the total to be won has now reached EUR 100,000. Enough to breathe life into more than one innovative project!</p> <p>According to Pierre-Olivier Rotheval, Head of Marketing and Innovation at BIL, "<i>the start-up scene is booming in Luxembourg. There are a growing number of promising start-up projects and we at BIL are glad to be able to support them, in particular through InnovFin loans adapted to their needs. Alongside ICT Spring, Pitch Your Startup is a great way of giving our start-up ecosystem some fresh exposure. We are looking forward to discovering this year’s candidates!</i>"</p> <p>The pitches will be given on 15 May at ICT Spring Europe 2018. As in previous years, each start-up will have 3 minutes and 33 seconds to present its project, followed by 2 minutes of Q&A before a panel of experts from Luxembourg start-ups and the entrepreneurial sphere.</p> <p>Start-ups can still apply online: <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p> 3/12/2018 11:00:00 AM



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