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Obtaining financing

Your business cannot grow properly without suitable financing.

BIL provides a variety of solutions to finance your working capital, medium or long-term investments or property purchase.

At each stage of your business's growth, your BIL Relationship Manager will help you find the best financing solution.

Leasing may also be an attractive alternative to bank loans.

BIL offers you a wide range of financing solutions.

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Working Capital

BIL provides straightforward, flexible and adaptable solutions to meet your short or medium-term liquidity requirements.

Do you need to finance your business's working capital?
Are you seeing an increase in client debtor days?

  • An overdraft facility is an authorised overdraft with a given ceiling and based on pre-agreed terms. This enables you to meet your working capital requirements for a specific period, which can usually be renewed after one year. Interest is only due from the point at which you call on your overdraft facility.

Are you waiting for project finance to be arranged?

  • A bridging loan is a fixed-term overdraft facility. This solution provides temporary financing for a project pending the arrangement of a loan with a repayment plan.

Do you need to access financing quickly before your client invoices are due?

  • Invoice factoring is a solution that uses your outstanding client invoices to get quick financing. You sell your client invoices and receive the amount within a few days. You can check if you qualify for our solution directly online.

Contact your relationship manager to arrange a credit solution matching your needs.


Developing a business, fitting out premises or purchasing new equipment are projects which require the support of a first-rate banking partner.

BIL offers you a complete range of financing solutions to help you implement your projects.

The BIL investment loan is the traditional solution for all investment projects:

  • Acquiring a business.
  • Investing in property.
  • Investing in equipment, plant or other fittings.

The loan is tailored to your situation:

  • Term of loan based on the amortisation period of your investment.
  • Fixed or variable rate.

For investments that are eligible for Société Nationale de Crédit et d'Investissement (SNCI) loans, BIL handles the submission of your equipment financing application.

Your Relationship Manager will listen and offer you a suitable financing solution for your project.


BIL helps you finance your property purchases.

The BIL mortgage is the recommended solution for your projects involving the purchase, construction or conversion of business premises. For a 7-15 year term, the repayment schedule is determined based on your ability to repay and on the amortisation period for the assets financed.

Specific loan solutions have been developed by BIL for property development purposes.

Your Relationship Manager is at your service to review your property project and make it happen.


BIL Lease, BIL's leasing solution, represents an attractive alternative to a traditional loan.

How leasing works:

You select your equipment and your supplier. BIL Lease purchases the equipment and leases it to you through a lease agreement. The term of this agreement corresponds to the economic lifespan of the asset. You have three options on expiry of the contract:

  • To purchase the equipment at the initially agreed residual value.
  • To extend the lease with a lower lease payment.
  • To return the equipment to BIL and arrange an agreement for new equipment.

The benefits of leasing:

  • Goods fully-financed with no funding required.
  • Fixed pre-agreed lease payments for the entire period of use of the asset.
  • Ease of replacement of used equipment.
  • Apparent indebtedness reduced.
  • Potential partial or full deduction of lease payments as operating expenses.
  • Ability to reclaim VAT (on lease payments).
  • Ability to benefit from government subsidies (tax rebates).

Your BIL Relationship Manager will introduce you to our leasing solutions.

Vehicle leasing

Leasing is suitable for vehicles used for professional purposes.

BIL offers you:

  • Financial leases: the agreement includes financing the vehicle and can include registration costs and insurance.

You may also consider the option of leasing back an existing vehicle fleet. In this case, BIL purchases your vehicle then leases it back to you. You can then enjoy the benefits of a lease while improving your cash flow.

To enjoy the benefits of vehicle leasing, please contact your BIL Relationship Manager now.