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Are you seeking to sell or transfer your business? Whether the business is sold to a third party or transferred to your heirs, this key juncture must be planned for.

Lack of preparation could become a source of concern for your employees, your clients and your suppliers, thereby rapidly undermining your business.

The AVEC Programme developed by BIL enables you to engage in this process with a clear mind thanks to comprehensive support provided by consultants specialising in business sales and transfers:

  • Evaluating the future impact on your personal situation.
  • Financial assessment of the business.
  • Identifying and contacting potential purchasers.
  • Negotiating the transaction through to completion.

With BIL, you can sell or transfer your business in complete security!

Phone: +352 4590-5000

AVEC Programme

Enjoy active support at each stage of the project to sell or transfer your business.

The success of your project relies on in-depth expertise and a personalised approach. BIL has combined these in its AVEC programme.

The main features of the AVEC programme include:

  • Determining the impact on your finances: At the outset of your project, the AVEC consultants assess the impact on your income, your wealth and taxation and work with you to establish how to optimise the terms of the sale or transfer.
  • Valuing the business: Based on their expertise, the AVEC programme consultants carry out a valuation of your business, mainly on the basis of its key figures and economic environment.
  • Looking for partners: Thanks to its extensive network in Luxembourg, BIL has a database containing active buyers and willing sellers. BIL puts forward potential buyers in complete confidentiality.
  • Facilitating the transaction: As a leading intermediary, BIL provides a meeting room at the bank to enable initial contact with future buyers on neutral ground.
  • Negotiating and completing the transaction: Rely on an AVEC programme consultant to arrange and chair negotiations through to the conclusion of the transaction.

To take advantage of the AVEC programme and optimise your business sale or transfer project, please get in touch with your BIL Relationship Manager.