Setting up your business

Would you like to set up as a professional or self-employed business person?BIL can be your greatest asset.

All entrepreneurs need to make the right choices before starting out but also throughout all stages of growing their business.

Based on its knowledge of self-employed and professional business people, BIL has developed a personalised coaching programme, BIL Start, and a set of related banking products.

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Mail: contact@bil.com

BIL Start Programme

BIL supports business start-ups and acquisitions through its BIL Start programme.

Would you like to be given effective support for your project? Did you know that there are a number of administrative and financial topics that entrepreneurs need to keep in mind? Are you wondering whether you will need to provide financial guarantees?

BIL offers you personalised support throughout all the business start-up or acquisition procedures:

  • Helpful, practical advice on setting up.
  • A financial analysis of your project.
  • Recommendations on the choice of legal form.
  • Help with preparing applications for direct aid or public subsidies, if you are eligible for these.
  • Regular follow-up during the business's growth phases.

Your BIL Relationship Manager is there to help you take advantage of the BIL Start programme.

Pro Medico and Pro Legal packages

Two specific packages are available for doctors (BIL Pro Medico) and self-employed legal professionals (BIL Pro Legal).

With BIL Pro Medico and BIL Pro Legal, the basic services you need are free:

  • Postage (monthly statements to Luxembourg and Europe).
  • Electronic transfers (eurotransfers and transfers between BIL accounts).
  • Standing orders.
  • Direct debits.
  • 2 credit cards included.
  • Lower interest rates for your mortgage .
  • Advantages on investment products.

Choose an option that best suits your needs with your BIL Relationship Manager!