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BIL Exhibition: “The same AS 10 times 16” by Armand Strainchamps

From 26 February to 10 June 2016, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg SA (BIL) will throw open the doors of its Galerie L’Indépendance to the Luxembourg artist Armand Strainchamps. A specially-commissioned artwork will be on display to celebrate the bank’s 160th anniversary.

Founded in 1856, BIL enjoys a rich history which is entwined with that of the Grand Duchy and its economy. Focused on the future, the bank has always placed great importance on innovation and creation and its support for the arts is the finest example of this. The Galerie L’Indépendance has been hosting the most prominent Luxembourgish artists for more than 20 years. To celebrate its 160th anniversary, BIL has invited the artist Armand Strainchamps to exhibit his most recent work as well as a polyptych of 16 paintings symbolising the bank’s economic, social and cultural commitment.

In order to produce the 16 themed pieces of the exhibition, entitled The same AS 10 times 16, Armand Strainchamps drew his inspiration from the notes that the bank had the privilege of issuing from its founding until the introduction of the euro. Decorative details from period banknotes, symbolic representations of agriculture and the steel industry and effigies of monarchs: every last one of these is a reference to this past that the artist skilfully depicts in his unique style, composed of abstract images, copy-art and elements of chronophotography, which capture snapshots of characters suspended in motion. By incorporating the bank’s colours, Armand Strainchamps connects its past to its present, like a purple thread weaving the future.

Through his unique approach, Armand Strainchamps has managed to perfectly illustrate the deep-rooted ties that inherently bind BIL to the country. Hosting him to mark our 160th anniversary is a privilege that fuels our aspirations to build on our policy as a sponsor of art and culture”, commented Hugues Delcourt, BIL’s CEO.

This exhibition is yet another example of BIL’s dedication to promoting art and culture, which, alongside innovation and education, are at the heart of its corporate social responsibility policy. The same AS 10 times 16 is open to the public on business days from 26 February until 10 June 2016, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.