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BIL EXHIBITION: Laura Mannelli: The Promises of Monsters

Laura Mannelli’s project, The Promises of Monsters, will be displayed at BIL’s Galerie Indépendance from 20 October. The Luxembourg architect and artist is the first to receive the Indépendance grant promoting the digital arts. Visitors of the exhibition will be taken on a journey into her digital universe.

Laura Mannelli, who graduated from the École nationale supérieure d’architecture Paris-Malaquais, has been developing a concept based on virtual realities and their new paradigms for several years now, using digital art as a field of research. Based on an immersive world inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, The Promises of Monsters blends elements of plastic arts, video games, new forms of narrative and architecture. Although the digital arts is still a largely unknown art form for most, this exhibition will give visitors a glimpse of the infinite creative possibilities it provides.

For BIL, this exhibition is a perfect example of its commitment to promoting the national art and culture scene as well as innovation. The bank hosts regular exhibitions to display the works of local artists and collectors, but doesn’t intend to stop there: in February 2017 it launched the Indépendance grant together with its partners, the Fonds culturel national and the Fondation Indépendance. The aim of this grant is to support the creative process behind innovative works in the area of digital arts and new technologies. And with Laura Mannelli’s The Promises of Monsters, it’s mission accomplished!

Art enthusiasts and players in the world of digital innovation will have the chance to immerse themselves in this virtual universe from 20 October 2017 to 2 February 2018 at BIL’s Galerie Indépendance.