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Investor relations

BIL is a leading independent bank in Luxembourg with a strong brand and offers retail, private, corporate and institutional banking as well as treasury and financial market services.

Investment in BIL represents a rare opportunity for international diversification in the financial sector of Luxembourg, a AAA rated country at the heart of Europe. BIL is one of the biggest banks in Luxembourg and is recognised as systemically important by the European Central Bank. Legend Holdings, a Chinese investment group listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange who founded the Lenovo Group, holds a 90% stake in BIL. The remaining 10% are owned by the Luxembourgish Government, thereby further strengthening the strategic position of the bank.

Investor presentation

The investor presentation contains dedicated information for potential buyers of BIL Notes, including an introduction to the bank with key figures pertaining to BIL’s financial performance, asset quality, solvency and liquidity as well as a detailed description of its shareholding structure.

Ratings and key figures

​A- / Stable / A-2

Full rating report - 12/15/2020
​Standalone Rating SACP bbb+
​ALAC Support +1 notch
​Last rating action 22 Nov 2019
​Rating affirmed 27 Oct 2022
A2 / Stable / P-1

Full rating report - 15/07/2022
​Standalone Rating (BCA) baa2
​Government uplift +1 notch
Loss Given Failure (LGF) +2 notches
Last Rating Action (ratings affirmed) 15 July 2022
Periodic review (ratings affirmed) ​19 July 2023

A sound financial performance in H1 2023:

  • Net income after tax: EUR 103 million, +50%
  • Assets under Management: EUR 44.1 billion, -1%
  • Customer deposits: EUR 19.6 billion, -6.8%
  • Customer loans: EUR 16.4 billion, -0.2%
  • Common Equity Tier 1 Capital Ratio (CET1): 13.63% (before 2023 profit allocation)
  • Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR): 154%

Financial and risk reports

BIL publishes annual and semi-annual financial and risk reports:

Investor relations contacts

+352 4590-1

Olivier Habay
Head of Long Term Funding

Didier Le Gloan
Head of Financial Communication

Jérôme Nèble
Head of Products & Markets

Nico Picard