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Legal notice

Browsing on this site is subject to the laws of Luxembourg and to the terms and conditions set out hereinafter. By continuing to browse on the site, you demonstrate your acceptance of these contractual terms and conditions.


BILnet is a brand name of BIL Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, société anonyme, with registered office at 69, route d'Esch, L-2953 Luxembourg, registered in the registre de commerce de Luxembourg under number B-6307 (hereinafter the Bank). The Bank is a credit institution authorised by the CSSF.

The Bank offers different types of service (consultation of account statements, information about products and financial markets, forwarding of orders electronically, investment services, banking services and related services) by means of its Site, Contact Centre, other electronic means of communication or any other means of its choosing.

The Site is defined as all the web sites (including any amendments or updates) operated as part of the services offered by the Bank at the following addresses:,, as well as at any other Internet address chosen by the Bank.


The information disseminated on the Site, whether general (eg, market news) or specific (eg, investment products), is provided on a purely indicative basis. This information is published without any guarantee as to their completeness, accuracy or currency. The information does not constitute in any manner whatsoever a solicitation to buy or sell. It has no value as legal, accounting or fiscal advice and is only valid at the time when it is given. It not intended as a substitute for the knowledge and competence of the user and should be used in conjunction with advice from a qualified professional. The Information and its publication are subject to the laws of Luxembourg. Users access information from other jurisdictions at their own risk. The information may be supplied by outside providers. Except in the case of wilful misrepresentation or serious misconduct, BIL may not be made liable vis-à-vis the user of this Information for the use of such information and its direct and indirect consequences.

Delay applicable to quotations

Users' attention is specially drawn to the fact that to meet stock exchange requirements, stock market prices are set with a delay of 15 minutes. The Bank may not be made liable for errors or delays in quotations and their direct and indirect consequences.

Risk disclosure

Placing stock market orders requires a perfect knowledge of the regulations and functioning of the markets. Such orders should be placed by well-informed customers who are aware of the rapid fluctuations that may arise on certain markets, their speculative nature or their possible lack of liquidity.

You are advised to read attentively the document entitled "General Risk Warning" which can be consulted on the Site as well as any information that you believe useful to enable you to appreciate the characteristics of the transactions and the specific risks that may be associated with such transactions.

The Bank assumes no responsibility regarding the timeliness of a transaction ordered by a client. It is specifically pointed out here that past performance is in no way a prediction of future performance.


The Site is subject to the laws of Luxembourg. The Site is not intended for persons under jurisdictions where (for reasons of nationality, place of residence or for any other reason) the dissemination or access to such information is prohibited.

If the user is not a Luxembourg resident, it is his sole and entire responsibility to verify in advance that the regulations applicable to him authorise him to make use of the information published on the Site.

More specifically, the information is in no way intended for American citizens and residents.

Finally, the Bank reserves the right to refuse, at its own discretion, to open an account for a non-resident.


The Bank's Site may contain links to third party sites that are not under its control. Certain links are offered for convenience only and the inclusion of a link in no way implies that the Bank agrees with the contents of the linked site. The Bank is not liable for the content, services, products or material offered at a site linked to that of the Bank.

No link is established with the Site without the Bank's prior consent. Links to the Bank's Site using techniques such as framing and/or deep linking are not permitted. The Bank is under no circumstances responsible for links made to its Site.


The Bank is the owner of the brand names, logos elements featuring on the Site.

Any translation, adaptation, partial or full reproduction, using any procedure in any country without the Bank's prior consent is prohibited.


The user accepts responsibility for any access to the Site or any use made thereof. The Bank will not be liable for direct or indirect losses that may arise out of the use of the Site and in connection with the interruption, stoppage or malfunctioning of the Site especially as may arise out of stoppages for maintenance purposes or in order to update the Bank's IT systems, technical breakdowns or network overloads, cuts in telephone communications, errors, negligence or fault on the part of Internet service suppliers or third parties or due to a virus spread on the Internet.


The governing law is the law of Luxembourg.

The user is notified that only the District Courts of and in Luxembourg have jurisdiction concerning any disputes arising out of the use, interpretation and performance of information and data contained in this Site.


The only authentic version of the Site is the French language version. If there is a discrepancy with the versions in another language, the French version is the legally binding authority.​