BIL EXHIBITION Gust Graas, 2003–2018 works EXHIBITION Gust Graas, 2003–2018 works<p>Gust Graas has a unique status in Luxembourg. A talented corporate executive, he gained renown as the visionary President of CLT (Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Télévision), as well as Chair of the Board of Directors of Luxair. He was also a member of BIL’s own Board of Directors throughout the 1980s. At the same time, Graas is an avid painter who has now become one of Luxembourg’s most important Lyrical Abstractionists.</p> <p>The Galerie Indépendance brings together the artist’s major works created between 2003 and 2018. Though figurative at the beginning of his career, Graas’ painting grew freer throughout the 1970s under the influence of the Paris School. Some of his earlier abstract works are reminiscent of Maurice Estève. As time went on, he developed and refined his own style. His light, colourful palette is distinct, and glimmers with the Mediterranean sun of Mallorca, his home of many years.</p> <p>“<i>I paint a world that is wide open, jubilant; a world in celebration, in motion, in transformation</i>”, Grass explains. “<i>I meander through light and shadow, among the solid and the nebulous, from explosion to quiet softness, between the gentle breeze and the yawning chasm. My forms and my colours are imbued with beauty, joy and power.</i>” </p> <p>The exhibition Gust Graas, 2003–2018 will be open to the public on business days from 12 October 2018 until 8 February 2019 (8am to 6pm) at Galerie Indépendance in Luxembourg, 69 route d’Esch.</p>10/15/2018 3:00:00 PMENFrom 12 October 2018 to 8 February 2019, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg’s Galerie Indépendance will be displaying works by painter Gust Graas. On these canvasses created between 2003 and 2018, the artist unfolds a universe of magic and poetry.
Full house at BIL’s third Startuppers Night house at BIL’s third Startuppers Night<p>Geekiness prevailed on Thursday at the Technoport in Belval. Startuppers Night once again drew a crowd. Entrepreneurs, start-ups, incubators and accelerators stood shoulder-to-shoulder to test the latest technological innovations in the world of virtual reality, video games and artificial intelligence. They were introduced to the new electric smart scooter from Ujet, could test the multi-sensory display screen from Sniffy with its amazing fragrances, and check out the painting robot from Mexence and famous lunar rover from iSpace. The luckiest went away with volume 0 of the Ragnafall and Imperium Circus mangas signed by Cyril Marchiol from Tsume.</p> <p>The atmosphere was festive yet relaxed. As the music played, attendees were able to take part in various recreational activities: puzzles, virtual reality games and, of course, cosplayer performances, alongside the famous Batmobile from the world of the superhero Batman. More nostalgic guests could also try retrogaming in a throwback to the 1980s. </p> <p><b>A vibrant, eclectic, tech and fun event!</b></p> <p>BIL launched Startuppers Night in 2016. Based on this initial success, BIL decided to make it an annual event for innovative companies and start-ups in Luxembourg.</p> <p>According to Pierre-Olivier Rotheval, Head of Marketing and Innovation at BIL, " <i>the growing Luxembourg start-up community is becoming increasingly fragmented. Startuppers Night is a chance to come together in a different, offbeat environment. To stand out from the multitude of pitch sessions, panels and other round tables, we wanted to offer something different: a vibrant, eclectic, tech and fun event! A reflection of the start-up community.</i>"</p> <p>A major player in Luxembourg's start-up ecosystem, BIL supports accelerators and incubators such as Technoport, Paul Wurth InCub, InnoHub, Nyuko and the co-working space The Office. With its BIL Start support service, the bank gives start-up entrepreneurs access to the various financing programmes in which it participates. BIL is a stakeholder in the Digital Tech Fund launched by the Ministry of the Economy in 2016, and in July 2015 it became the first Luxembourgish bank to sign the InnovFin guarantee agreement for innovative SMEs as part of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI).</p> <p>The undeniable success of this third event once again shows the entrepreneurial energy and growth of the start-up ecosystem in Luxembourg. </p> 9/21/2018 1:00:00 PMENBIL's third Startuppers Night at the Technoport on Thursday, 20 September was a resounding success.
BIL donates €5,000 to Médecins du Monde donates €5,000 to Médecins du Monde<p>The heavy downpours in Luxembourg in early June caused material damage to Médecins du Monde’s medicine supply, which was flooded and had to be partly thrown away. </p> <p>A partner since 2015, BIL and its staff members wasted no time in responding to the non-profit organisation’s appeal for donations. From 18 June to 6 July, the bank organised a major collection of medicines and toiletries. Thanks to the fantastic efforts of its staff, BIL was able to gather more than 300 products (essentials such as toothpaste, moisturisers, mouthwash, paracetamol, etc.). In addition to this generous gesture, the bank also made a donation of €5,000. </p> <p>The donated products and the €5,000 cheque were presented to Médecins du Monde on 16 July at its Healthcare and Advice Centre in Bonnevoie, Luxembourg City. Through drives like these, the bank helps finance the organisation’s activities (more than 90% of its funding comes from donations). </p> <p><i>“We are proud to support Médecins du Monde. Their impressive work reminds us that access to healthcare is not universal, even in our country,”</i> commented Hugues Delcourt, CEO of Banque Internationale à Luxembourg. </p> <p><i>“In Luxembourg, not everyone has access to healthcare. Some are excluded, unable to exercise their right to healthcare or waiting for their application to be accepted,”</i> explained Sylvie Martin, General Manager at Médecins du Monde. </p> <p>Médecins du Monde provides care to vulnerable individuals – the poor, isolated, and those living in unsatisfactory housing conditions – thanks to the work of its teams of volunteers, which include doctors, nurses, dentists, ophthalmologists, psychologists and also non-medical workers.</p> 7/26/2018 9:00:00 AMENBIL staff members rallied together to collect medicines and toiletries in response to the appeal for donations launched by Médecins du Monde in June. The bank also contributed to this show of solidarity with a €5,000 donation.


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