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BIL supports government measures to help Luxembourgish businesses through the crisis supports government measures to help Luxembourgish businesses through the crisis<p>“<i>BIL will give its full support to the country’s economy at this difficult time. With the measures announced by the government, we will be making an unprecedented effort to help businesses at risk of financial difficulty as a result of the coronavirus crisis. The aim is to enable them to get their business growing again on healthy economic foundations when the crisis ends</i>”, said Marcel Leyers, Chairman of BIL’s Executive Committee.</p> <p>In an agreement with the government, BIL and Luxembourg’s other main banks will grant small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed workers a six-month moratorium on existing loans. New credit facilities will be 85% guaranteed by the State.</p> <p>“<i>The coronavirus health crisis is hitting the country’s businesses hard. Mandatory closures and supply problems are causing sales to fall, yet certain operating costs and financial obligations remain. Our employees are all busy implementing the announced measures and helping otherwise healthy businesses to overcome the crisis</i>”, said Jeffrey Dentzer, Head of Corporate and Institutional Banking at BIL.</p> <p>See the business support measures offered by BIL on <a href="/static/2020/COVID19/index-cib-en.html?utm_source=BIL-COM&utm_medium=PR&utm_campaign=WECARE"></a></p>3/26/2020 9:00:00 AMENSince its foundation in 1856, BIL has played an active role in the main stages of Luxembourg’s economic development.
Gulf petrol stations now available through Pay@pump with BIL petrol stations now available through Pay@pump with BIL<p>Available through the BILnet mobile app, the Pay@pump service co-developed with the Luxembourgish start-up CarPay-Diem enables BIL clients to pay for petrol on their smartphone. At its launch in December 2019, it could be used for 28 Esso stations and 3 Texaco stations. Now BIL has added 16 Gulf stations, resulting in a network of 47 partner petrol stations covering the entire country.</p> <p>“<i>The quest to offer simple, convenient mobile services that make life easier for our clients is the essence of our digital strategy. With CarPay-Diem’s technology and the support of our new partner Gulf, clients can use this innovative service anywhere in Luxembourg,</i>” says Olivier Debehogne, Head of Retail and Private Banking Luxembourg, and Digital.</p> <p>“<i>Our clients’ lifestyles are constantly changing, and it is very important that we keep up. Smartphones play a central role in modern life. We use them to stay connected, so why not to pay for petrol? Our philosophy is to offer clients the full range of payment options, including mobile payment,</i>” adds Lou Bausch, Marketing Manager Gulf Luxembourg.</p> <p>How does Pay@pump work? When a driver arrives at a partner petrol station, they select the “Pay for my fuel” option in the BILnet app and choose the pump they want to use on their smartphone screen. They will receive instant confirmation that the pump is ready. Then all they have to do is fill up. Once they’ve finished, the payment is made automatically and the receipt for the transaction appears on their smartphone screen. They can leave the petrol station without a second thought.</p> <p>To learn more about Pay@pump, visit <a href=""></a></p>3/9/2020 3:00:00 PMENBIL has partnered with Gulf, adding 16 new petrol stations to the Pay@pump mobile service.
BIL opens its new branch at the Bettembourg Shopping Park opens its new branch at the Bettembourg Shopping Park<p>Increasingly connected and better informed, clients expect fast, practical everyday services, as well as personalised advice to help them make their plans possible. BIL relies on a combination of face-to-face interactions and digital efficiency to better serve its clients.</p> <p><b>A more human…</b></p> <p>For several years, BIL has been shifting the operating model of its branches towards advisory services. <br>The new BIL branch in Bettembourg offers the bank’s Relationship Managers the perfect setup to welcome clients, be they companies or individuals, to better support them in achieving their personal or professional plans. A Servibank+ area equipped with ATMs and a change machine allows clients to carry out day-to-day transactions, even when the branch is closed. <br>For services such as opening an account, taking out a loan or investing in the future, the branch manager Mr Babacic and his team are available for appointments from Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm.</p> <p><b>…and digital bank</b></p> <p>BIL is constantly improving its customer experience with the latest technological upgrades. Digital tools enable speedier and more granular assessments of clients’ finances, thereby freeing time for servicing clients and offering them tailored solutions. <br>To meet the expectations of clients who want access to their bank anytime, BIL is investing in innovative sevices. Examples of this include allowing clients to open an account entirely online, Pay@Pump (paying for fuel using a smartphone), real-time notifications for transactions and payments and Apple Pay compatibility. Clients can also contact a BIL adviser on 4590 5000 for support in their digital journey.</p> <p>By ramping up its human and digital resources, BIL combines customised support and expertise with a streamlined and client-focused service.</p>3/6/2020 12:00:00 PMENThe BIL branch in Bettembourg has just moved to the new Shopping Park, 263 route de Luxembourg. Starting this week, the team welcomes its clients in the brand new premises.


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