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IM-MOBILITY pushes the boundaries pushes the boundaries<p>Mobility is the freedom to move around in order to travel, work, learn, do business, see family and friends, have fun, shop and eat out. The health crisis that we are experiencing, which has restricted our movement and changed the way we interact with each other, has cast a spotlight on our ways of living and shown the extent to which mobility is a key factor. It has also highlighted the incredible way in which technology and means of communication enable citizens, communities, governments and companies to adapt. Restrictions on movement did not bring business or socialising to a complete halt. But it forced us to do things differently.<br> A corporate citizen with more than 1,800 staff in Luxembourg, including nearly 700 cross-border workers, BIL is also faced with the question of mobility. The way we live and do business is changing , with remote working and new means of communicating and interacting with its clients. This is why it wanted to spark debate, launching a multifaceted discussion forum called IM-MOBILITY. Artists and experts set out their vision for mobility and present innovative transport solutions, current and future.</p> <p>From 17 September 2021 to 14 January 2022, the IM-MOBILITY exhibition is filling public and private spaces at BIL headquarters on Route d’Esch, with work of art as well as videos, prototypes and innovative vehicles from companies and research institutes for which transport is a core issue. The Galerie Indépendance, Heintz Park, customer reception areas and other venues will be used throughout the exhibition. Conferences presented by our partners will also liven up the forum.</p> <p>Discover the IM-MOBILITY exhibition, the latest news and the conference programme at <a href="/im-mobility/index.html" target="_blank"></a></p> <p><u>Artists:</u><br> 11 renowned artists, from very different backgrounds, were invited to think about the ideas of mobility and immobility, and to present their creation: Roger Dornseiffer, Patrick Galbats, Marco Godinho, Hisae Ikenaga, Thibaud Latour, Spike and Stick, Frank Miltgen, Claudia Passeri, Gilles Pegel, Mike Zenari.<br> Works lent by the Luxembourg City Museum will also be exhibited.</p> <p><u>Innovation partners:</u><br> Start-ups, research institutes, industrial multinationals and companies present innovative solutions: Goodyear and its self-regenerating tyre, MDI and its AirPod, Moovee, Losch Luxembourg, Luxembourg Air Rescue, B Medical System, 360Lab at the University of Luxembourg (SNT).</p> <p>Galerie Indépendance, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, 69 route d’Esch, Luxembourg. Open every business day from 8am to 6pm, from 17 September 2021 to 14 January 2022.<br> Heintz Park, always open.</p>9/16/2021 10:00:00 PMENHow our relationship with space has evolved? What are the foundations of our future means of transports? Artists and innovative businesses will try to provide answers through a multidisciplinary exhibition on the theme of mobility.
Successful transactions of securities with Central Bank Digital Currency transactions of securities with Central Bank Digital Currency<p>Banque de France successfully used Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in a test environment, in connection with TARGET2-Securities (T2S), the European Central Bank settlement platform.</p> <p>SEBA Bank purchased securities from Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, while post-trade settlement was handled by LuxCSD, the Luxembourg central securities depository. The transaction was carried out through the Conditional Securities Delivery functionality (CoSD) already existing in T2S, which makes the booking of securities dependent on the success of an event external to T2S. Banque de France simulated CBDC tokens on a public blockchain, while preserving confidentiality of the transactions. As soon as the tokens were successfully transferred from SEBA Bank to Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, LuxCSD delivered the securities in T2S.</p> <p>Central Bank Digital Currency describes a concept of digital currency issued by a central bank. Currently, central banks around the world are examining the potential of CBDC for the respective jurisdictions. The test demonstrated that distributed ledger technology (DLT) could be used to issue CBDC in connection with existing infrastructures such as T2S, where listed securities are delivered.</p> <p>Serge Munten, Head of Operations at Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, commented: “The world of payments is evolving fast with digitalisation. At BIL, we strive to bring our clients the latest innovation in terms of payments services. It was only natural for us to participate in this experiment, which might determine the future of Central Bank Digital Currency in the eurosystem.”</p> <p>Marco Caligaris, Chief Executive Officer at LuxCSD, added: “Connecting new technology, such as DLT, with existing infrastructure is crucial to offer optimal services for the market. By joining forces, the industry can develop sustainable solutions that not only work today but lay a strong foundation for the future. Being a trusted central securities depository at the heart Internal of one of Europe’s financial centres, LuxCSD is perfectly positioned to support the industry on its way towards a true digital finance ecosystem.”</p> <p>This test is one of many conducted by Banque de France to explore design options for the technical implementation of a digital euro at the level of the back-end infrastructure and end-user access solutions. It is part of a larger initiative launched in the eurosystem in 2020 to advance work on the possible issuance of a digital euro – an electronic form of central bank money accessible to all citizens and firms, alongside cash.</p>6/21/2021 4:00:00 PMENBanque Internationale à Luxembourg, LuxCSD and Seba Bank tested use of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) for securities transactions. Conducted by Banque de France, the delivery of securities in the European platform, TARGET2-Securities (T2S) agains...
New BIL Office branch in Kirchberg BIL Office branch in Kirchberg<p>BIL is continuing to overhaul its branch network with the opening of a BIL outlet in the Infinity shopping centre in Kirchberg focused on advisory activities. The BIL Office – Philharmonie branch offers a warm environment for staff to welcome clients or prospects and help them bring their projects to life. For services such as opening an account, applying for a loan or investing for the future, the team is available for appointments from 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday.</p> <p><b>Client-advisor relations at the branch’s core</b></p> <p>More connected and better informed, clients expect personalised advice to help them bring their projects to life, and fast, convenient banking services for everyday needs. The health crisis has hastened the move towards greater use of online banking services, a trend already visible for several years. This is why BIL has chosen to combine human interaction and digital efficiency, to better service its clients.</p> <p>An essential part of the advisory activity, BIL branches have changed a lot in recent years. The bank introduced three new formats in 2020: BIL Office, BIL Shop and BIL House. Their common goal: position client-advisor relations at the branch’s core.</p> <p>Supporting clients in their digital journey is essential. To complement its branches, BIL has strengthened its teams at the BIL Direct Centre, its call centre, with advisors to answer clients’ questions by phone and secure messenger.</p> <p>For everyday banking services, BIL is constantly expanding its range of services on its BILnet online banking platform. New features are regularly added for clients wanting access to their bank account at all times. Examples include opening an account entirely online, Apple Pay, instant payments, e-signing, transaction notifications, QuickMoney for card-free withdrawals.</p> <p>More human and more digital, BIL combines customised support and expertise with ease-of-use and proximity services.</p>6/17/2021 4:00:00 PMENThe BIL Office – Philharmonie branch will open to the public on Monday 21 June. This new branch will be dedicated to advisory activities and open to clients by appointment only, from 8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.


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