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financing and wealth
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As an entrepreneur, you are constantly making important decisions that determine the success of your company and the growth of your assets. To achieve your goals, surround yourself with experts who fully understand your personal and professional aims. We can support you as your company grows, while also offering guidance on how to manage your wealth from the earliest possible stage.

A bank for entrepreneurs

In-depth understanding of every stage in your company’s lifecycle

We will guide you at every stage, from setting up to stepping down, while offering support and advice on every development opportunity.


We make decisions quickly to provide the agility you need, whatever the scale of your project.

Expertise in cross-border arrangements

We can address complex cross-border issues, taking into account your international reach, and work in your interests based on where your assets are located.

Intergenerational vision

Converting company assets into private assets is an essential step in the development of a family business. You can count on BIL to look ahead, plan and diversify, capitalising on the commercial success of your company and helping you make the change.

Specialist teams

Your private banker will bring together a team of experts based on your needs and circumstances. Our corporate and wealth planning experts take a holistic approach to assessing your current situation and devise solutions to meet your needs, whether you are looking to expand your business, build a second home or pass on your assets.

Personalised solutions

Asset structuring

To safeguard your assets and deliver returns, we need a clear picture of your short-term needs and long-term aims. The right structure will help you achieve your goals.


Receive personalised financial advice, tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs. We implement structured financing solutions and help you hit your growth targets.

Life insurance

Luxembourg life insurance offers an array of advantages for entrepreneurs, such as providing access to a range of investment vehicles as well as an estate planning tool.

Estate planning

Transferring a company is a complex process, and one that should be tackled as early as possible to minimise the impact on your company and your assets. Assess your situation from every angle by working with your private banker and corporate specialists.


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