International presence

BIL is a leading player in private banking and wealth management, operating through its specialised subsidiaries in Luxembourg, Switzerland, and China.

BIL Suisse

A reputed and recognised name in the rich tradition that is Swiss private banking, BIL Suisse endeavours to assist clients with their projects in the years and generations to come.

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BIL Beijing Representative Office

Our Beijing office offers a privileged gateway to Europe for Chinese companies and their owners. BIL Luxembourg can assist you in diversifying your investments and in growing your business by expanding to new markets.

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BIL Wealth Management Ltd

Strategically located in Hong Kong, Asia’s financial center, BIL Wealth Management Ltd is the primary BIL operating entity in Asia Pacific. It provides advisory and discretionary portfolio management services with award-winning investment experts and in-house custody at BIL, as well as leading custodians in Asia.

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