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BIL opens a new branch in Differdange

Located in the Opkorn shopping centre, the new BIL branch is now open. With the recent launch of its updated BILnet app and the modernisation of its branch network, the bank is stepping up its investments to offer its clients unrivalled services and support.

The new branch of Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, located in the Opkorn shopping centre in Differdange, has been fitted out to reflect the new organisational model already successfully implemented at the bank’s other branches across the country. The Differdange-Opkorn branch has a warm, modern interior with clearly defined functional areas to make the client experience more fluid. A self-banking area with latest-generation ATMs and change machine is accessible during the shopping centre’s opening hours. Clients can carry out most of their cash transactions in this area. In the online area, which is equipped with tablets and PCs, clients are able to carry out their everyday banking transactions. Free, secure WiFi access is available throughout the branch. This new branch layout, which also includes private rooms, has been designed to optimise comfort and confidentiality. Branch manager Jean-Jacques Rinaldis and his specialist team of advisers will focus on supporting the development of companies and local SMEs and on assisting private clients throughout key periods of their life such as buying a new home, financing studies or saving up for their pension…

This opening illustrates the bank’s service philosophy: offer clients permanently accessible, user-friendly digital resources for their daily needs, and provide customised advice to help them materialise their projects.

At the opening, Mr Hugues Delcourt, CEO of BIL, and Mr Rinaldis handed over two cheques, one to the Nouvelle PNP – Fir d’Kanner a Latäinamerika organisation, the other to the Luxembourg Science Center. With these donations, BIL reaffirmed its long-term commitment to Luxembourg non-profit and educational organisations.

Jean-Jacques Rinaldis and his team are available from 10am to 7pm, Monday to Friday, and 9am to 12pm on Saturdays.

Address of the new Differdange Opkorn branch:
Centre Commercial Opkorn
1, boulevard Emile Krieps
L-4530 Differdange