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“BIL IMMO index”: BIL presents the second edition of its exclusive Luxembourg housing market index

At a conference devoted to housing, Banque Internationale à Luxembourg SA (BIL) unveiled the new edition of its Luxembourg housing market index. In Q4 2015, the index stood at +0.93 versus +1.72 at the end of 2014. It is therefore closer to equilibrium in a market that remains buoyant.

On 12 May, more than 200 real estate professionals met at BIL’s head office for a conference devoted to the Luxembourg housing market.

At this event, Georges Mines, BIL’s Head of Real Estate, reminded participants that this index, which was launched in October 2015, is the first to consolidate housing sector information in a market indicator.

Developed in cooperation with PwC Luxembourg, the BIL IMMO index allows professional, institutional and retail investors to immediately understand the housing market trend on the basis of economic ratios and accurate methodological analyses. On a scale of -3 (frozen) to +3 (overheated), this index offers a summary of the Luxembourg housing market, based on changes in seven ratios weighted to indicate a trend. The index enriches BIL’s already comprehensive range of mortgage solutions.

Our bank has always been anchored in the Luxembourg real estate market. Its role goes beyond simply providing various types of financing. Therefore we have developed a specific housing market index which helps our clients to understand the situation of the housing market at the level of the country’s six main regions”, emphasised Hugues Delcourt, BIL CEO.

Available on sur and updated every six months, the BIL IMMO index offers a historical view of the last 35 years of the housing market in Luxembourg, giving an indication of trends based on indicators related to the fundamentals of the business sector and the national economy.