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BIL opens its new branch at the Bettembourg Shopping Park

The BIL branch in Bettembourg has just moved to the new Shopping Park, 263 route de Luxembourg. Starting this week, the team welcomes its clients in the brand new premises. This branch specialising in advisory services showcases future developments in the BIL network.

Increasingly connected and better informed, clients expect fast, practical everyday services, as well as personalised advice to help them make their plans possible. BIL relies on a combination of face-to-face interactions and digital efficiency to better serve its clients.

A more human…

For several years, BIL has been shifting the operating model of its branches towards advisory services.
The new BIL branch in Bettembourg offers the bank’s Relationship Managers the perfect setup to welcome clients, be they companies or individuals, to better support them in achieving their personal or professional plans. A Servibank+ area equipped with ATMs and a change machine allows clients to carry out day-to-day transactions, even when the branch is closed.
For services such as opening an account, taking out a loan or investing in the future, the branch manager Mr Babacic and his team are available for appointments from Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm.

…and digital bank

BIL is constantly improving its customer experience with the latest technological upgrades. Digital tools enable speedier and more granular assessments of clients’ finances, thereby freeing time for servicing clients and offering them tailored solutions.
To meet the expectations of clients who want access to their bank anytime, BIL is investing in innovative sevices. Examples of this include allowing clients to open an account entirely online, Pay@Pump (paying for fuel using a smartphone), real-time notifications for transactions and payments and Apple Pay compatibility. Clients can also contact a BIL adviser on 4590 5000 for support in their digital journey.

By ramping up its human and digital resources, BIL combines customised support and expertise with a streamlined and client-focused service.