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What is financial leasing?

What does this financing solution consist of? How does it work? What type of assets can I lease? Find out the answers to these questions in this video!

Ensuring that smart mobility is always a pleasure

Let your vehicle fleet evolve along with your business

BIL Lease enables you to renew your vehicle fleet towards e-mobility at controlled costs. Leasing your equipment allows you to continuously keep it up to date.

Go green with BIL Lease!

Enjoy special terms with lower rates and application fees for green vehicles

See the eligibility criteria for the green vehicle purchase bonus:

Enjoy a flexible and efficient solution while minimising the impact on the environment. With BIL Lease, you can take an active role in the ecological transition by choosing a green vehicle for your business trips.

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Advantages and benefits

Goods fully financed by BIL Lease (including pre-payment of VAT), without any capital outlay by the lessee.
Fixed rates and instalments throughout the lease.
Flexible: can be paid in monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annual or seasonal instalments to keep track of the lessee’s cash flows; possibility of making a higher initial payment.
Balance sheet neutral: the item does not appear as a fixed asset nor as a liability on the lessee’s balance sheet.
Potential partial or full deduction of lease payments as operating expenses.
Ability to reclaim VAT
(on lease payments).
Continued benefit from the investment-related tax credit.
Special terms with lower rates and application fees for green vehicles

Equipment covered*

Transport: cars, utility vehicles, trailers, lorries, buses, , locomotives, etc.

Building and public works equipment: civil engineering machinery, cranes, diggers, etc.

Handling equipment: telescopic forklifts, forklift trucks, etc.

Industrial equipment: machine tools, presses, etc.

Farming machinery: tractors, combine harvesters, etc.

IT, office and telecom equipment

Medical and surgical equipment: equipment for dental surgeries, medical imaging, ophthalmology, etc.

Equipment for the HORECA sector: professional kitchens, etc.

Office furniture

*Non-exhaustive list of equipment. Please do not hesitate to contact your BIL Relationship Manager for more information.

Discover the advertorial "Demy Schandeler: a transition to electromobility thanks to BIL Lease".

5 - Acquisition of 5 hybrid buses through BIL Lease

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Demy Schandeler: BIL Lease facilitates the transition to electromobility

An independent family-owned business, Demy Schandeler has grown continuously with the help of Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, société anonyme (BIL) and its subsidiary Société Luxembourgeoise de Leasing BIL-Lease, société anonyme (BIL Lease). This support means the company can start transitioning to electromobility with peace of mind.

In 1949, with 30 years of experience in the bus industry, Dominique (Demy) Schandeler took over his employer’s business and founded Demy Cars. With two buses, it connected the villages of Keispelt, Meispelt, Nospelt, Capellen, and Mamer before moving to the capital after being awarded several routes. The first journeys took employees to work and pupils to school, but the travel bug had been caught. The company acquired new vehicles in the 1950s and built a new garage.

The 1960s saw the first trips abroad. Meanwhile, the company changed its name, adding a generation to become Demy Schandeler & Fils. The company kept growing and opened of six travel agencies and an Eischen branch, and constructed a new office building. The third generation – made up of cousins Laurent, Joël and Gast – took the reins in 2008. “Demy Schandeler now owns a fleet of some 250 buses and minibuses, covering 14,700 km and carrying over 400 workers each day,” stated Gast.

Becoming more sustainable

With this third generation, Demy Schandeler is investing more in sustainability, and as a result has received CSR certification. The company considers the quality of jobs and social inclusion, while supporting the local economy and choosing the least polluting vehicles. “Our office building is eco-friendly and we are working with SuperDrecksKëscht for our waste. We also try to minimise empty runs to reduce our carbon emissions.

80% of Luxembourg’s public transport will be electric by 2025. This transition to electromobility is therefore a major challenge for the company, and requires considerable investment: vehicles, charging stations, new depots. “BIL Lease is one of our biggest partners in this transition, helping with the leasing of buses and the construction of a depot near Steinfort, which holds a dozen vehicles.” For 30 years, BIL Lease has been enabling companies to use a vehicle, machine or piece of equipment in exchange for lease payments, and then acquire ownership of it after a number of years.

A 25-year relationship built on trust

Demy Schandeler continues to choose BIL Lease because of the special relationship forged between them over the long term. “We keep the line of communication open and share data, which means we can solve problems quickly. We regularly finance Demy Schandeler’s investments, particularly helping them to acquire equipment,” says Raoul Schmit, commercial Relationship Manager at BIL. This has led to Demy Schandeler acquiring five hybrid buses to herald the start of its transition. “We have some big plans for buying new vehicles together. Given the investments earmarked for the next two years, we want to continue this profitable collaboration with BIL and keep using BIL Lease.” As BIL Lease celebrates its 30th anniversary, Demy Schandeler and BIL Lease both intend to maintain this relationship of trust over the long term, and use this financial backing for future endeavours.

Figure: 5: with the acquisition of five hybrid buses through BIL Lease in 2021, Demy Schandeler starts the transition to electromobility

BIL Lease

A Luxembourg leasing company and BIL subsidiary, BIL Lease, société anonyme, has financed a wide range of professional equipment for 30 years. There are numerous benefits for businesses and professionals: 100% pre-financing by BIL Lease (including VAT), no capital outlay, no impact on the balance sheet, and tax relief on lease instalments as operating expenses. To support Demy Schandeler and enable it to satisfy the government’s environmental demands, we have arranged the financial leasing of vehicles that meet green mobility criteria.


  • A finance lease is an agreement for the lease of moveable capital goods for an irrevocable fixed term, at the end of which the lessee may gain ownership of the leased good by exercising the purchase option. Moveable goods can vary from a car or utility vehicle to industrial, production or office equipment. Medical and IT equipment can also be leased.
Lessees have three options at the end of the lease:
There are three options available on expiry of the agreement:
  • purchase the item at the price agreed in the lease;
  • extend the lease;
  • return the item to BIL-Lease.

Used equipment may be leased under certain conditions.


Financial leasing is designed to finance goods in full. However, it is possible to make a contribution in the form of a larger initial lease payment.


Grants for vehicles with zero or low CO² emissions:

  • Grant of €8,000 :
    • When ordering a fully electric car whose electricity consumption does not exceed 18 kWh/100 km.
    • For fully electric vehicles whose electricity consumption is between 18 and 20 kWh/100 km and whose maximum net power is 150 kW or less.
  • Grant of €3,000 :
    • For fully electric vehicles whose energy consumption is between 18 and 20 kWh/100 km and whose maximum net power is over 150 kW.
    • For fully electric vehicles whose electricity consumption exceeds 20 kWh/100 km, with unlimited power.

These measures are valid for vehicles ordered between 1 April 2022 and 30 June 2025 and put on the road before 31 March 2024, subject to a minimum ownership period of 12 months.

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