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BIL Pro Platinum Package

Our ultimate package for established entrepreneurs and enterprises

Introducing the BIL Pro Platinum package

Providing you with a host of expertly selected travel insurances, benefits, lifestyle services and unrivalled payment protection.

Monthly Fee

75 EUR*

Compare packages

Features and benefits designed around your business

2 Free BIL Visa Business Gold Cards1/2

Specifically designed for the business traveller, our Gold card comes with a range of premium insurance benefits to keep you protected, home and away.

Instant Transfers

Send and receive money safely and securely, wherever you need, in and around Luxembourg.

500 Free Electronic Euro Transfers

Send and receive money across the Eurozone in seconds and manage all your payments in our BILnet app.

In addition to these professional banking features:

Daily electronic statements

Keep track of your daily spend

Current and Savings Accounts included

Manage your businesses finances and save for the future

24/7 BILnet access

Enjoy secure access to your account anytime via desktop, mobile or tablet

Free and unlimited ATM withdrawals on the BIL network3

Access your funds with ease


Access your accounts held at BIL and other major banks in Luxembourg through a single connection

2 Free withdrawals outside of the BIL network per month3

For added ease and convenience


Exchange electronic files in complete confidentiality and with a guarantee that your data will not be altered

And a selection of additional cards

For maximum flexibility
BIL Deposit

(Available on request)


(Available on request)

2 BIL Visa Business1/4

(Available on request)

* The monthly fee may be higher, with a maximum of EUR 250 per month, depending on the complexity of the company’s structure.

  1. Subject to approval of the application.
  2. The BIL Visa Business Gold insurance and assistance policy takes precedence.
  3. ATM withdrawals subject to limitations as outlined in BIL’s General Terms & Conditions.
  4. Visa Business cards are available with the BIL Pro Platinum package. Once your account is activated, you can apply for the card(s) free of charge by sending us a secure message via BILnet.